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Easiest violin piece by Sarasate?
'Easy' and 'Sarasate' do not usually sit well in the same sentence. This is because Sarasate...
Is Carmen Fantasy By Sarasate unplyable by medium violinist?
Yes; de Sarasate is renowned for his virtuosic showpieces, being an incredible...
Question about Sarasate?
It depends on when and where they were published. Sarasate died in 1908. If the original editions were ...
Sarasate and Wieniawski (violin)?
Wow, I envy those who have the skill to play such pieces... Sarasate is AMAZING, and I like that piece in particular. I have a...
Antonin Dvorak, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Sarasate?
...: Definitely the Violin concerto in D Sarasate- Zigeunerweisen as well. I prefer Romantic music most of...
Does anyone know violin concertos similar to Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole or Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen?
... that song is immensely modern sounding. Otherwise, try Sarasate's Carmen Fantasie. Or Havanaise in E major...
Who was Pablo de Sarasate's mother and father?
Can't find anything that says their actual names. Just what they did for a living. Good luck!
Is ZIgeunerweissen by Pablo Martin Meliton De Sarasate y Nuavascues Difficult technically?
... out of curiosity, what sparked your sudden interest in Sarasate?
In What pieces Sarasate use Castagnettes?
I do not know. Check out You might be able to find pieces by Sarasate.
Sarasate's Introduction and Tarantella score please?
...,_Op.43_(Sarasate,_Pablo_de) is a good website to music lover...