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Scenario lyrics by Saboten?
Saboten - Scenario Sabita kokoro no tobira no kagi wa itsumo chikaku de waratte...
Any One else Going To Saboten-Con (2011)?
Saboten-Con is very fun :) It's not as big as the Comic Con but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in activities and atmosphere! You should expect to have one helluva time ;)
Good manga like saboten no himitsu and ultra maniac?
... same creator as saboten no himitsu: love berrish, chocolate cosmos; for a complete list, go to:
Do you know any songs by a Japanese band called SABOTEN?
... on it. If that helps at all ? : / I just cant find any other information. I tried to find mp3s of...
Question about Saboten Con?
will be researched on various websites and can not find an answer explanatory, really showing what response.
scenario by saboten translation?
They essentially mean the same thing. Also, warau (warate iru) can mean either to laugh or to smile but I think in this case it means laughing.
Opinions and experiences on Saboten Con?
good nice people must go see in person berry good you like happy fun
So what's up with Saboten Con?
Most of the info you seek can surely be obtained here:
Is anyone going to the Saboten Con this year?
no but i wish i was going to a convention
does anyone know where i can find a website that has information on Saboten no Himitsu manga?
try here..