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Do you think Trump will get assassinated?
No! Robert Mueller will have him in prison before an attempt.
Which wrestler would you rather hang out and be friends with?
.... We'd bond over our mutual love/hate for Sam Roberts. AJ Styles or Xavier Woods : Probably ...
Trump's lawyer is in prison for 3 years now. Liberals, are you tired of this winning?
I'm glad Cohen is being punished for his crimes, but liberals didn't do this. It was Robert Mueller, a lifelong Republican.
name someone who really epitomizes the cult of personality?
... Word-of-Faith TBN preacher ... and Daystar ... Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff...etc... Mao Zedong...
Is this business a scam?
... Dad Poor Dad". However, the author, Robert Kiyosaki, is a bit of a scammer himself.
Is "the woods are lovely dark and deep" copyrighted?
Some of Robert Frost's poetry is copyright because the copyrights ...
Im so confused about this whole religious thing :/ and HELP! im so scared of demons?
.... In Jesus’ Love
Do you believe Robert Lazar story about being an ex Area 51 employee?
Believe? Hard to believe yet there are many decent reasons to think that he is not lying. I accept (with some reservations) that he believes what he has said. I don't see evidence for insanity, so it...
Why do people think the Grey Aliens come from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system ?
My understanding is that the aliens themselves are reported to have told us that. It is what the abductees claim that the greys told them via star charts...
What will Robert Mueller get Donald Trump for Christmas?
Hopefully a subpoena instructing him that he has to answer questions under oath.