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Will Vince Carter Played His 22nd Season In The NBA Next Season Because Of His Longevity?
Vince Carter can surpass the likes of Robert Parish, Kevin Willis and Kevin Garnett if he plays for 2019-20.
Why are people being even more mean to me than usual today?
This whole Robert Pattison joke has become very tired. Maybe take a break and come up with something new.
News flash: The Wakefield study that proves that vaccines cause autism was only "disprove" because Big Pharma is covering it up?
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If I covered my body in chocolate do you think Robert Pattinson would lick it off?
You've gotta think it through. Imagine a whole body covered in chocolate, I mean he is gonna be there for ages, you'll be standing in the bedroom, completed covered in chocolate, like some sex crazed choco goblin and it's gonna look...
What are some first names for the middle name of Shawn?
... Shawn Caleb Shawn Liam Shawn Robert Shawn Christopher Shawn Cody Shawn...
I lied about being a cop to two women(late twenties) online. How do I get out without turmoil?
Of you really want this to work out for the two of you you need to tell them the truth.
What's that song by Robert Plant that references two Led Zeppelin songs toward the end?
It's Robert Plant | 'Tall Cool One
What are some good "unexplained mysteries" shows or something like "Fact or Faked"?
I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries years ago. I think Robert Stack was the host.
Hillary said she was mentored by Sen Robert Byrd. Did he show her how to hate blacks since he was the Exalted Cyclops in the KKK?
Liberals are by far the most racist people in this country.
"Gender equality"?
Here's a list of names: Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Marie Curie, Cleopatra, Amelia Earheart, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Eleanor...