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What kind of example is Robert Kraft setting for all the little kids in Boston who look up to him?
They’re burning Kraft food products in the streets of Boston as we speak. A shame.
Would you like to see Robert Deniro and Donald Trump have a fight in an arena?
Two old white guys trying to fight one another? Don't think so. Just the thought of them in boxing shorts is repulsive.
Do you think Robert Kraft and Donald Trump are close friends who share everything?
Don't know but have u noticed he doesn't associate with ANYONE of good reputation? What does that tell u?
Now that Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, is apparently a documented adulterer, like Donald Trump, will he be a champion of the evangelicals?
They support Trump because he is anti-abortion and may appoint judges who are anti-abortion. They therefore will keep supporting him even if the pee tape is made public.
Why has Fox News spent all of its time on Jussie Smolett and zero time on Christopher Hasson and Robert Kraft?
They find a gay black man filing a false police report to be more sensational and newsworthy than a former Coast Guard lieutenant/white nationalist plotting mass murder. It's actually kind of frightening when you put it in those terms.
Robert Kraft. Patriots, two count indictment ; Deep State or did a penis do the talking ?
Mr. Kraft is a billionaire supporter of Donald Trump who was one of several dozen men netted in a prostitution sting in South Florida. He was patronizing a "massage parlor" that in fact...
Did Fat Ho With Big Tits set up Robert Kraft?
Until I talk to my lawyer, all I'm gonna say is I may be easy but I'm not cheap.
Has Trump tried to distance himself from the pervert and Patriots owner Robert Kraft yet?
Trump is on the same list as Kraft. His charges will be filed later today.
Trump's boy Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution in FL. Will Trump pardon him too?
birds of a feather flock together. Oh for the days of Donnie's pay for play Model sex parties.
Who said the following about Fox news?
Former Fox analyst, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. And he's right. Fox should be held accountable for the lies they tell. There's no other mainstream network in US HISTORY that has consistently...