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Middle names for Robert...Please answer?
Robert Oliver is a nice name, especially if you are planning to... a cute name. But, I think the problem people have with the name Robert Oliver is the flow, at least that is my personal opinion...
What is a good middle name for Robert?
-- Robert George -- Robert Edward -- Robert Walter... -- Robert Lewis -- Robert Theodore -- Robert Leonard -- Robert Clyde -- Robert Martin...
robert frost?
...shot the spirit on Further than target ever showed or shone. Robert Frost ------------------------------------------------------- In a Disused...
brian roberts?
I personaly think that Brian Roberts won't be traded. The Orioles owner is very...
Who is Robert Wadlow?
Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940...
nicknames for robert?
...or Bert. All these are traditional, taken from the name Robert and accepted nicknames for Robert. If I...
is robert hoffman related to dustin hoffman?
..., Florida, USA Birth Name Robert James Hoffman III Nickname Rob...
judicial philosophy of john roberts?
Justice Roberts is a minimalist, emphasizing precedent as opposed to an originalism...
What would be scarier: Gary Roberts chasing you OR Sean Avery arriving at your door to date your daughter?
Gary Roberts chasing me... the thought is very scary. Im too... over he lets the cop off with a warning. Gary Roberts doesn't hunt. Hunting implies failure. Gary Roberts...
Who are some famous Roberts?
Robert Redford Robert Browning Robert Downey... Robert Conrad Robert (Bob) Hoskins Robert E Lee