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What are some limited resources in the tropical rainfores?
If you're mowing it down with heavy equipment, everything. Lumber, biodiversity of all kinds, potential pharmaceuticals, foods... a whole list below.
Does anyone know how to write up a conclusion talking about the amazon rainfores?
conclusion every one should stop these threats and help the rainforests.
could 2 dwarf hamsters liv in this cage ?
Yes definately, but be careful when putting 2 hamsters together. They may fight, in that case you would have to seperate them. Hope this helps! P.S. If they are not from the same cage at the store you bought them from...
About the Amazon Jungle?
Amazon Rainfores The Amazon rainforest also known as Amazonia, or...square kilometers (1.4 billion acres) are covered by the rainforest. This region includes territory belonging to nine nations...
How do we impact the rainforest?
We make too many toothpicks.
Need Help With this paragraph?
So, the indiginous people of the rainfores have many benefits about their surroundings. They...
Is my vanity URL too long?
No its not too long. It should be easy to remember. I understand that the .st makes the word Rainforest. I think that's cool and should be a good choice for you.
Amazon Rainforest...?
You are correct, there no buffalo in the rainforest. Technically, only the African buffalo and the water buffalo should be...
Help with Adobe illustrator!?
I don't have CS4 but don't think it would differ much: place your image, create and format your text. Place the text where you want it to be over the image then using the Selection tool select both of them together and go to Object>Clipping...
Long Disturbing Dream? Help? I was a murderer?
Stop watching horror films if your going to have weird dreams/nightmares. But from what you're dreaming about it seems as if you are worried about loosing someone by your own fault...