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state and federal prisoners?
Federal prisoners are prosecuted by a completely different entity... different levels of security needs and prisoners in both state and federal prisons. In...
Guantanamo bay prisoners?
... think that there may be some guilty prisoners but there are many innocent ones... him at all. Many prisoners are tortured like shit because...
Prisoner's Dilemma?
Prisoner's dilemma is a canonical example of a game analyzed in game theory... the game with prison sentence rewards and gave it the name "prisoner's dilemma." In the classic version, collaboration is dominated...
During the trail of tears did native american prisoners get relocated as well?
Prisoners? You mean tribal members who may have been in tribal custody for crimes in their... the only one in the entire Indian Territory. They never really had many prisoners even at that time. EDIT: Oh, are you saying Indians who were in...
Do prisoners have rights?
Prisoners rights are as follows: 1. Right to equal treatment - female/male inmates... plate if he doesn't like it. Being a Vegan is not protected under prisoners rights. He has access to food and refuses to eat.
Prisoners the vote? (UK)?
All prisoners in the UK automatically get the right to vote back once...of Human Rights. Apparently prisoners are allowed to vote in many other ...
Prisoner's Game Question?
prisoner's dilemma: Two suspects are arrested by the police...police have insufficient evidence for a conviction, and, having separated the prisoners, visit each of them to offer the same deal. If one testifies...
A question on Game Theory / Prisoner's Dilemma?
The prisoners dilemma assumes the prisoners know all possible...they would never confess, it would be illogical. But the prisoners don't know the outcomes, because in reality they...
deporting illegal immigrant prisoners?
...:"You have a simplistic view of this. We do deport or exchange prisoners with other countries when appropriate. If we deported ...
Prisoners Brain Teaser?
each prisoner turns their own number-position as "first card ...card (as a number-position) to turn a second card and so on. example : prisoner #1 turns over the card at (1,1) position [assuming the cards...