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Oprah for Presidet?
Why not me for president?
Mitt Romney for Presidet?
A mormon with a fake wife. Not a chance. And those christians you are talking about? They are not voting for him, because nearly all of them live across the world and if he gets anything from the mormons it is...
who is vice presidet?
Of the united states Joe Biden.
Worst, Presidet, Ever?!?
george w. bush
what is the presidets administration?
And to return ..
Which presidet wasn't asassinated (luckily)?
E. Millard Fillmore
does mr vice presidet Chenny get profit from Iraq war?
It's called Halliburton baby. Get your stock now.
If you where presidet what would you do?
for starters i would try and make gays and lesbians welcome, i would stop the war in Iraq as our soldiers have been in there to long, i would put a limit to how many people come into a country so that it doesn't overcrowd,i would lower taxes by 10%,i would make...
what did barack obama promise if he was elected presidet?
He promises to start withdrawing troops from Iraq immediately, but said that it would take a number of months. He promises to create more transparency in government so that the American people can hold their...
What do you think about the new presidet of iran?
he does not have a lot of power. Twelver Shia Muslims (Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq,… ) are preparing the world for global Islam civilization by leadership of Imam Mahdi and Jesus a.s...