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Where is this generation's Nirvana?
Real music has been supplanted by sleazy poetry with a beat or bland auto-tuned mush pretending to be pop.
Honest review of my writing?
...contamination from the world of advertisement. The fact that poetry is often written in short sentences... (when I've tried to write poetry it comes out abstract and twisted, I don...
Poll: do you like poetry?
The world revolving. Yet will NOT stop just for me. Time still relative. Another haiku by me. ⓂⒾⓄ³
What would be the best "passion" to put on my name badge (as a grocery cashier)?
Free verse would be best and would communicate most clearly.
Muslim nations, like to Ottomans and Persians, used to be a lot more relaxed about homosexuality than the West. Why has that changed?
It is still tolerated in many parts of the Muslim world but not religiously accepted. In fact you can probably say the practice is still part of the culture in western Persia (modern Afghanistan) where older men enjoy...
Lost motivation for hobbies?
Start with something that you like to do.When you start working on it just do a little at a time then it won't be so overwhelming. It doesn't matter how long it takes to finish it. You will be excited and pleased when it is...
to be a perfectionist is reading poetry necessary?
Perfectionist in what?
I was listening to some Neil Young and one of the verses caught my attention; “Hello woman of my dreams”?
Free verse
Why do I keep dreaming like this since I was like 13 to meet again this guy?
It's probably related to some emotional form of OCD, but you can probably get this and other recurring thoughts out of your head with some talk therapy.
What makes a man respectable?
Love, given and taken. "If" pretty much says that, in poetry.