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Which Rapper do you prefer:Insane Poetry or Brotha Lynch Hung?
Brotha Lynch Hung
What are some tips for writing if you never know how to word anything?
... from technical manuals to news articles to novels and poetry. Expand your vocabulary by doing crosswords and word...
What happened to the nice poetry guy?
That troll is still posting.
What are the grammatical mistakes in my poem?
Personally, I don't think poetry has to follow standard grammatical rules.
What to do if a younger girl has a crush on you ?
...when she is not home, talk to her mom and dad and show them the poetry and ask them to help you tell her you are not interested...
Do you have any good Halloween poetry or stories?
Fireball was banned from going trick or treating in her home town as she though tricks meant turning tricks and she gave all the men treats.
I'm home alone in the afternoon and horny. But I'm going to a poetry reading tonight, so I can't masturbate. What should I do?
If it is afternoon and you are going to a poetry reading tonight, why can't you masturbate? You must have a spare five minutes somewhere in that time.
Can a man wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt on a 60-plus degree day? I felt like the only one like this at a poetry festival?
i dont see why not, i dont see anything wrong with you doing that
What are YOUR top underground rap albums of the last 5-10 years?
... Elzhi 7.Blacc Plague By Insane Poetry 8.The Casket Factory By Blaze Ya...
Do you like my poetry? :)?
I like mine better. I'm also published on every wall in public restrooms. Thanks for asking.