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How to be goth ? reading gothic fiction watching horror films and even recite poetry in old ceneteries. Certainly you can dress the part. But...
Thoughts on this little political poem I wrote, any pointers are thoroughly accepted?
Fantasy is always acceptable in poetry. But your scansion is really bad. Try to toughen it up. Also, don't expect anyone else to believe you.
Let's try this again...Christians, obviously YOUR beliefs are biblical. Are all other Christian beliefs that contradict yours also biblical?
...various offshoots thereof. After all, if you can't argue over ancient poetry, there's just no point to life itself. Amen.
How often should I write poetry? Everyday? And for how long each day?
When you are bored with current activities. Anytime you have the muse whispering in your ear.
do you compose poetry through virtualism or through realism?
It's done through the unconscious, the spirit, which is you could say a virtual reality, but it is actually more real than what we call reality.
Poll: Do you like poetry?
I like Spike Milligan's silly poems, lol. There are holes in the sky Where the rain gets in But they're ever so small That's why the rain is thin.
Does this translation make sense and is grammatically correct? POETRY?
Is it possible for someone to become famous for Spoken word/poetry performance?
Yes of course, many more impossible looking things have happened. Why not?!
Is Jesus you biggest fan? as many as 4 women who are "fans" of my poetry... and perhaps even *one* man. They frequently give me a Thumbs...
What exactly is a Slam Poet?
Poetry Slam A poetry slam is a competition in which poets perform... in 1984 with its first competition designed to move poetry recitals from academia to a popular audience when American poet ...