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how could i make white phenyl?Chemical Frmolation?
A phenyl functional group is a benzene ring. See the Wikipedia article for a brief discussion and an image: Many organic compounds can be named as either a phenyl-...
What is Phenyl ethanol?
There are two types.... 1 (alpha) - Phenyl Ethanol and 2 (beta) - Phenyl Ethanol http://www.pherobase...
Differences between Benzyl and Phenyl? abbreviated to BnOH. In substituent nomenclature, benzyl and phenyl are commonly confused. Benzyl can be seen as a phenyl...
Benzyl vs phenyl?!!!?
Phenyl: C6H5- (derived from benzene C6H6; cf methyl CH3) ...
how to prepare phenyl at home?
Phenyl is an organic radical. It doesn't exist alone. You can make Phenyl-something, but you can't make just plain Phenyl.
Is the phenyl group an electron-releasing or an electron-withdrawing group?
The phenyl group is electron donating (releasing if you prefer). ...presence of an electron withdrawing group on the phenyl ring makes the phenyl group electron withdrawing instead. The property that makes the phenyl...
Bromination of phenyl acetylene?
It's actually because the phenyl ring can stabilize carbocations next to it. When the bromonium ion intermediate...because the latter is in the way (trans addition). With the phenyl ring there, the first bromine can move to the C atom furthest away...
my book says methamphetamine has a phenyl group, but i think it has a benzyl group, because of the kink?
The difference between a phenyl and a benzyl group is what side chain the benzene ring is attatched to...chain isomer Methyl-1 = methyl group (CH3)on the 1st carbon Phenyl-Propan-2 = Phenyl ring group attatched to a Primary ...
is a phenyl group as a substituent , an e- donating or withdrawing group ?
A phenyl group is an electron donating group. A benzyl substituent is...
Are phenyl rings the same thing as benzene rings?
Phenyl is used when benzene is a substituent of another chain of carbon...