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Could you help me with collimating my Newtownian telescope?
There are many resources on the web about this - just search for "Newtonian collimation". They say basically the same thing, just different wording, so you may prefer one over the other. Since this depends on your style, I...
Give me a famous example of 1- casson fluid , 2- power law fluid, 3-bingham plastics and 4- newtownian fluid ?
The first obvious question is "Why should we do your homework when you can search the internet for yourself?". The next obvious question is "When are you going to learn to say please?".
relativity black holes singularities and problems with infinity?
I'd just like to point out that contrary to the above comment, light is massless. By definition, a particle with mass could not move at the speed of light, and conversely ALL massless particles must move at the speed of light. I'll take a mathematicians stance on this, as there...
Hardest Question of ALL-TIME?
Are you sure you are in the right section? try go physics:)
black hole singularity?
The problem is that Newton's law of gravity doesn't apply in back holes. It has to be modified to Einstein general relativity. In that theory, light is affected by gravity even though photons are massless...
How does a plane fly around the earth in both directions if the earth is spinning and revolving constantly at such a high speed?
... to that center than are any of the planets.) In Newtownian mechanics, the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system ...
Is Science Real?
...theory of relativity did not completely overturn newtowian mechanics, because newtownian mechanics is approximately equivalent to relativistic mechanics at...
in the equation E=MC2, what does E stands for?
...nor is it kinetic because they are types of energies in Newtownian mechanics. This is energy from the Special ...