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What Do Nepali Men Like In Girls?
lmaooo. haha. i am nepali too...a girl...obviously. we nepali tend to be "in" our... and they tend to like shy, respectful and fun girls. nepali men are REALLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY different than...
I am a Nepali passport holder. I am flying to Kathmandu, via Brussels. Do I need transit visa for Brussels?
Yes, Nepali passport holders need an airport transit visa for Belgium. A...
Is there a Nepali Hindu temple in California ? from San Francisco on 80 E. It's a typical Nepali Shiva Temple. It has a Shiva Linga...
About nepali people?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Nepali people warm and friendly Nepali guys are outgoing and hot
What's a good baby boy name that would be acceptable for Russian and a Nepali?
... him Vikram or Viktor? Vikram is a Nepali name, and Viktor is a Russian name. So there's...
British ,Nigerian, Nepali Baby names!?
Nepali Names/(Meanings) Akuti (princess) Ambi (a goddess...
Nepalis deported to Nepal by Bhutan are refugees?
Bhutan invited some nepalis but most came Illegally British brought some on...
Questions about Nepal/Nepali?
Nepali's are a hardworking lot cause job are hard to come buy. They are smart, and very friendly. Hinduism is the religion in Nepal and some also practices Buddhism.
If I'm going to Nepal, should I learn Nepali or Hindi?
Nepali people speak Nepali, not Hindi. All of them do not...
I want to learn Nepali? is for a language exchange: Basic words/phrases: