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Moses Mendelssohn biography?
Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) was a Jewish philosopher and...soul against the materialism prevalent in his day. Mendelssohn began a translation of the Psalms in...
swing mr Mendelssohn lyrics?
SWING MR. MENDELSSOHN Judy Garland da da da da...di di di do da da and swing it Mr. Mendelssohn swing di di di di di di oh oh da da da and...
Everything about Mendelssohn Organ Sonatas No.4?
Mendelssohn published 6 Organ Sonatas as a set, Op.65 - http...
Pieces written by young Mendelssohn?
I'm thinking of Mendelssohn's early symphonies that were... was probably Abraham Mendelssohn who procured the publication of Mendelssohn...
How did Beethoven's Seventh Symphony inspire Mendelssohn's Fourth Symphony?
...39;s VIIth "inspired" the Mendelssohn 'Italian' would be not only to enjoyed at the time. Whenever Mendelssohn was in Paris, these were the...
how does Felix Mendelssohn's Wedding March reflect the time period he lived in? PLEASE HELP!?
Mendelssohn's Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream ... many critics, including Bernard Shaw, began to condemn Mendelssohn's music for its association with Victorian cultural insularity.
Who did Felix Mendelssohn work for and how did he earn his living?
Mendelssohn made public appearances, wrote music and worked with...
Influences of Mendelssohn and Schumann?
"The young Mendelssohn was greatly influenced in his... Schubert and Felix Mendelssohn." -He also studied classical ...
Who do you prefer? Berlioz or Mendelssohn?
... me to thinking about these two. Consider Mr. Mendelssohn, who was afforded every benefit and opportunity, being brought...
Is it true that 19th century soprano Jenny Lind had an affair with both Chopin and Mendelssohn?
... were very different. (I know too little of the detail of Mendelssohn's life to want to comment, but instinctively it strikes me as unlikely...