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I went to a McDonald’s recently every single employee was mexican/Hispanic no one could speak English how am I supposed to order my food??
sign language is the only way
Why do people care if sports athletes take a knee for the national anthem?
"anyone with half a brain knows that these players that take a knee aren’t doing it to diss the soldiers" That's the problem. You're assuming everyone has (at least) half a brain, but as we've seen, lots of people...
I eat McDonald’s once a week. Am I a terrible person?
No, but I suggest you to go every so often, such as at most 1 every 2 weeks or at most 1 per month if you want to stay healthy and not gain too much weight.
Can I ask my psychiatrist if she can bring me mcdonald’s while I’m in the psychiatric ward?
oh yeah you can ask for her for mcdonalds no problem and also tell her to get me some mcnuggets im the one in the closet down the hall screaming thank yuo and goodbye
I found a human rib in my Burger at McDonald’s, should I report this to Human Resources or just let it be?
No you didnt
Will I relapse?
You are thinking of having a McD so you are on the line of cracking, if you ate one how would you feel afterwards, would you feel guilty or not, your life your choice and this once wont do any harm to life or diet but will you be able to stick to one or will...
What if I call the police and ask them to bring me mcdonald’s?
You can call them and try.... Probably won't end well though
Ladies, what would gappen if a guy asks you iut for dinner, and he takes you to McDonald’s?
I would ask if we could get the large order of chicken nuggets with all the sauces, fries and a couple of salads to go, and go back to my place.
Poll: do you often crave McDonald’s burgers?
All the time me hearty ALL THE TIME. Why I rather 'ave a burger any day than a pound o stale tripe from the galley.
Is he going too far?
Yes. He is going too far. It's okay to want what is best for your future kids--health wise. But to be telling you that coffee isn't good for you? It's saying he doesn't approve of your own...