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Feel very sick?
When you go on a low fat diet, your body acclimates to it. Then when you eat high fat foods you get very ill. You can eat a little high fat, but as you've found, too much will make you violently ill. I was on a low fat, low cholesterol diet for...
Why am I getting nose bleeds?
Some common causes of nosebleeds: * Dry air caused by air conditioning or heating. Treat with a nasal spray. * Colds or allergies. Be careful not to blow your nose too hard, which can damage a blood vessel...
What happens if I 30 year old man screams very loud I want free milkshake at McDonald’s?
They won’t get nothing
If McDonald's rejects you as a customer, then what's left?
Roy Rogers?
Do you ever thing that at Mcdonalds while hes eating a hamburger brownbuddha ever say Ommmm luvin it?
No,brownbuddha can't afford to eat McDonald's. He lives off food stamps
What times Mcdonalds Stop serving breakfast?
Never. They don't have to now that everything is a frozen meal. Heat it and eat it all day and all night
What do you like ordering from McDonald’s?
I usually get a double cheeseburger, small Sprite, and a small fry, but I'll also get a 4-piece chicken nugget with sweet & sour sauce and/or an ice cream if I'm really hungry.
Could you eat McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Yuck McDonalds. you could not pay me to eat that garbage
What makes one depressed all the time?
... THEY LEAD TO. Do ya think everyone at McDonalds are doing their dream job? How about the guy putting...
Trump has the easiest job in the world?
He doesn't eat KFC. But he does only work one hour a week