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Poll: McDonald's, Burger King, or other?
Burger King when they don't screw up. Taco Bell when they do.
I'm going to quit my McDonald's job?
Give a notice. Be an adult.
What foods/drinks should I cut out of my diet if I am trying to lose weight?
You shouldn't think in terms of all or none, but rather a gradual decrease in unhealthy foods and a gradual increase in fruits and vegetables. Start with sugar. There is growing evidence that there is nothing wrong with eating fat...
How do I lose weight, I am 5'8 and 128kg?
...weight loss is not really fast, even if you do it right. You should cut out McDonalds and KFC entirely out of your diet if you can. You also should cut...
where can i find gay men who look like this sexy beast?
Should i send a card? my first job when I was 18 and worked at McDonalds. The General Manager bought a card for everyone to...
People overuse processed food? What exactly is bad about processed food since you have to process most food to eat it.?
I read that article and I think it DOES give a good description of what is a processed food and why they are bad for you. but i think i understand your confusion and frustration. Maybe the best way for you think about it is by just adding some more...
Is there a reason to be asked to leave fast food place if it's not busy?
Who can say. Maybe a customer thought you were watching women or being creepy. Not saying you were. Or maybe different managers have different ways of thinking. I suggest going to a...
When can I get time off work at McDonalds I'm just starting have flights booked already!!!?
I would wait till one week before. For now, work very hard and come in whenever they need you. Make a really good impression, then one week before you need the time off, ask for those four days. Give them a full week so they can schedule around you. If you tell them right away it...
Are these good chicken jokes?