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Drive Thru Etiquette: Honking at window to get attention?
Get over it. Why do people make big deals out of little sh*t like this. Did you get your ketchup? Probably so or you'd be cryin' about that too.
Why Trump served fast food to that, football team? Was that disrespectful?
...cheapskate with this football team dinner and also ripped them off with a cheap McDonald’s dinner...When it comes to making decisions for ...
Why do people say “kids are starving in Africa” when you throw away food?
...can’t order half a burger and no offense but I’m not going to eat McDonald’s leftovers. If world hungers matters that much then...
Now that it’s New Year, is McDonald’s open or no?
We don't know where you are so call them up and ask if they're open.
Now that it’s New Year, is McDonald’s Pepe’s or no?
Now that it’s Christmas, is McDonald’s open or no?
The one here where I live is closed on Christmas day.
How much are the bacon and cheese fries at McDonald’s?
Is it just me or did president Clinton looked kinda sick these last days while talking about pres. Bush?
... eating a better diet, but the years and years of McDonald’s had already done a number on him.
Why do people care if sports athletes take a knee for the national anthem?
Nobody cares. Not even Trump. He just uses the kneeling thing to create division.
Poll: Do you like McDonald’s fries?
I don't mind McD's over-processed fries on occasion. But they sometimes make too many at once, they sit there too long and go limp with grease. A bit too salty as well if they give you the ones from the bottom of the pile. I prefer mine fresh made like the...