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My maxilarry muscle is shaking?
Sounds like twitching. There are numerous possible causes of muscle twitching. They include: Diet deficiency Drug overdose (caffeine) Drug side effect (such as from diuretics, corticosteroids, or...
Would chronic sinusitis cause skin discoloration over maxilarry gland next to nose?
Yes, chronic sinusitis can cause that.
Can someone Tell me what Maxillary, Mandibular Left, & right 1st biscuspids are, because Im having them pulled
Okay... let me break it down for you... Maxilarry means your upper teeth, mandibular means your...
I think I have sleep apnea, but only when I sleep on my back?
..., neck size of less than 16.5", no nerve-type diseases or naso-maxilarry constrictions should be able to sleep in any position. You can take...
What is that disease in your mouth and gums Its starts like mc or mac something?
Disease in mouth and gums starts with Mc/mac. I havent found anything. But maybe "maxillary sinus disease" , it is close with mouth and gum. Maxilarry means/related to upper jaw bone