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Is this statement logically correct?
When logically two things are distinguished, it ...distinguishable from a thing is always a "thing" !!! Logically proved. If someone doesn't understand this logic...
Are Miracles Logically Impossible?
Are Miracles Logically Impossible? Emphatically....NOT ! I do ...
Is it logically possible for Godel's Incompleteness Theorem to be false?
It is logically possible for "There exists a complete, consistent axiomatization of the...consistent, finite, first order axiomatization of arithmetic.". It's logically impossible for that to be false. The second theorem says "...
people think logically! And not just judge by scriputre. Is Jesus really God?
Logically, I must concede that there are things about theism that are potentially true beyond logical ... to begin with. Did God tell us how it should work? Is it in scripture? Can you logically argue that logic can be used to create and validate logic? Does logic tangibly, objectively exist in physical reality...
Do you think logically or emotionally?
logically, I prefer never to let my emotions guide me..emotions...deceitful, wreckless and destructive without a little logic to back them up. Logically..eventually, after the emotional side gives up. I think the statement is...
Logically defending Christianity?
I can easily answer this logically. Although I was raised in the faith, that part of... is up to each of us to be christ for this world. So, logically, I must be a christian.
Is it logically possible for God to be all knowing and all powerful?
It is logically possible. All-powerful God means he can do anything... against the problem of evil is that it's not logically possible to have free will and no possibility of moral evil. In other...
How to show the following propositions are logically equivalent?
Hi Two expressions are logically equivalent just in case each entails the other. Thus, to show; Q and (P & Q) v (~P & ~Q) are logically equivalent.
Is it possible to be a logically consistent Atheist?
Is it possible to be a logically consistent Atheist? ~~~ No more than it can... of Fudd ALL INCLUSIVE!!! Logically, experientially, everything exists; the sun, me...
Logically speaking how many kids would you want or do you have and what would you name them?
Logically... see, I can twist that because, logically speaking, as an 18 year old...