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Welcome to the Hotel C@lifornia!?
such a lovely face ♪♪ Here's my song: ♪ you look so good in want him, that's easy to see ♪♪♪
Would liberals call this ART in JY & ( )lifornia =?
Yes, everyone, this is YOUR Conservative party! Why are you guys known as racists again? I just don't understand it.....
Who are the culture of Americans: Are they the geeks in ( )ew York or the geeks in G@( )lifornia?
What are you on?
Is a stipulation agreement legal if it waive your right and time provision of Ca lifornia code ?
First, a stipulation agreeement is basically a contract. And it is just as enforcible as any other contract. As far as the code sections you cited, that basically involves waiving the statute of limitations during the legal procedure...
What is the likelihood of marijuana becoming legalized or decriminalized in our lifetime?
No, CA lifornia law has not been decriminalized, in my opinion, as...
What are the chances of me being shot dead by drug cartel in Ensenada, Baja California and San Felipe, Baja Ca?
if you do not use drug or do not meet drug seller, it looks impossible shot by .
what's a good book for the pharmacy tech exam review ?
"ca(lifornia) certification review" is the book i was given before my state test
what do I have to take/do in order to be a teacher?
B.A. degree Pass the following tests: CBEST CSET (single subject test in your area) Single Subject Teaching Credential at an accredited universiity. Most programs...
NOT SLEEPING. who is up right now?
I am, but it is 4:30pm here in Kabul, Afghanistan.
California Sanctuary Cities Ignore Federal Immigration Laws? So Why Isn't Eric Holder and Obama Suing CA ?
When will we all learn that Obama is the President of the USA and Holder represents Obama? Obama must be President of all the nations of the world that hate the USA, we were just duped...