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how did lhotse mountain formed?
Lhotse is part of a horseshoe mountain massif, with Everest and Nuptse... from the progression of the khumbu ice fall. The reason Everest and Lhotse are so jagged is because of the Glacier eroding...
Is the feminist Lhotse a lesbian ?
Yes shes a smelly cowardly lesbian cvnt.
Who is smarter Ya coffee or Lhotse?
Both are manipulators and YaC can pull it off better but more obvious.
Where is Mount Lhotse located?
It's in the Himalayan Mountain range in the border between Nepal and Tibet. Exact coordinates are 27°57′48″N 86°56′00″E
Why did canada elect a mangina for prime minister ?
It's Canada.....what do you expect.
Since women are more often the perpetrators of attempted domestic violence, are men better at realizing not to get violent?
To your response to Lhotse, I'm not sure how you would go about proving that more of the domestic...
Mountains of Asia, help ?
...find the other!
Feminists, did you know victim syndrome is now treatable?
lhotse and ya coffee are in desperate need for it
What is the highest unclimbed mountain peak on the World?
Lhotse Middle
Who is Tony Hawk's wife called?
Lhotse Merriam as of early 2006.(unless they divorced recently or something)