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Jazz and lakers?
How they match up: The Lakers won three out of the teams’ four regular...season meeting scored at least 106, and the Lakers and Jazz finished as the league’s...
Lebron to the Lakers?
The Lakers are about to have 3 young guards, Russel, Clarkson.... You cant have both Lebron and CP3 because the Lakers somehow payed Mozgov and Deng heavy contracts and you could...
Lakers fans?
What up Laker baybay, i'd prefer to play the Hornets for several...playoff foul. 4) Byron Scott is a former Laker. 5) The Hornets are thin on the frontline...
Lakers vs. Celtics?
Lakers.. Advantages: 1. Speed. They are a and based on a lot of transition offense... its to the Lakers advantage 2. Offense in general. The Lakers are an...
acquisition of Lakers?
the lakers were able to convince malone not to retire, which he was planning to do because his pal john stockton had already retired,, so the lakers tried to convince him that he had a very good chance of ...
jazz vs lakers?
Lakers for sure, Here's a barometer for you and everybody else: YOU CANNOT ARGUE... DECEMBER 28 2007 I WAS AT STAPLES WHEN THE LAKERS PUT UP 75 PTS ON THE JAZZ I N T H...
...-C, There are certain injuries which i think the Lakers can overcome. But in the finals against the Cavs or Celtics...
Lakers vs Miami Heat?
Lakers are clearly better at the center spot. Lakers are much better at the 4 with ... at the point than Carlos Arroyo. The Bench heavily favors the Lakers, so in a series like, say, the NBA Finals, I'd take the Lakers.
What should the Lakers do?
The Lakers are in a very difficult situation. Everyone ... more or less saying to the media that the Lakers are generally made up of crappy players...
Can the Nuggets or Mavs beat the Lakers ?
Nope.. Lakers will both beat nuggets and mavericks.. Lakers have the ...championship last year... they arent going to win the first round if they play lakers.... if the mavericks were so good..then they wont be in the bottom of...