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acquisition of Lakers?
the lakers were able to convince malone not to retire, which he was planning to do because his pal john stockton had already retired,, so the lakers tried to convince him that he had a very good chance of ...
Lakers vs Miami Heat?
Lakers are clearly better at the center spot. Lakers are much better at the 4 with ... at the point than Carlos Arroyo. The Bench heavily favors the Lakers, so in a series like, say, the NBA Finals, I'd take the Lakers.
lakers future?
The Lakers are not going to be anywhere near bad anytime soon. The Lakers...
Lakers and Pacers??? ?
Lakers are favored, but the Pacers are going to score a lot tonight. Last year... are defensive stoppers as well that can rebound. Like, I said, Lakers are favored, but they can lose tonight. Remember, Pacers beat the Celtics this...
kevin garnett and lakers?
Laker fans will be doing cartwheels, but no. KG has...lose their star. Even if KG is up for grabs, Lakers may not get him. Every GM in the country will fly to ...
......cmon lakers "/?
Lakers are looking out of sync. Scrambling around and not getting...have waaaaay to many open looks for 3s. They need to calm down and play Laker ball, the play that got them to the finale in the first place...
utah or lakers?
Lakers.......... dont worry look at the jazz's home record (41-5) of course they will win at home but then look at who has homecourt advatage? lakers! lakers win the sereis
Who will win tonight Rockets or the Lakers?
Lakers because Andrew Bynum also has defense. Kobe's...
Why are people hating on the Lakers ?
Laker Nation should unite ! Its funny too cause people pay so much attention to...they're not even a fan of the opposing team they just want to watch the Lakers loose but if you don't like them why waste your time? I don...
lakers vs celtics who is the better franchise and why?
LAKERS 30th NBA final, 14 NBA championships. Lakers... Celtics did until the three amigos showed up. Lakers a more consistent winner and where would you rather play in Tinseltown or ...