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What does "kanjou" mean Japanese?
Kanjou 感情= emotion 勘定=calculation,check(at a restaurant) 管状=like a tube 環状=like a ring 艦上= on the battle ship's deck these all are pronounced "Kanjou".
what does "mujou, kanjou, and aijou mean in japanese?
...japanese. mujou = heartless, cold, hardhearted, merciless, hard, cold-blooded, cold-hearted kanjou = feeling, emotion, sentiment, passion, sensibility aijou = love, affection, devotion, heart...
Kirei na kanjou vs. "They"?
i think "they" is so much better!!! but that is just my opinion.
yaoi manga similar to KANJOU SPECTRUM?
hana no mizo shiro really great manga one of my favorite also great school romance yaoi/shounen ai manga are bara to yaban kimi amai amai Te Tsunagi Gokko Prism Spectrum Komatta Toki Ni...
Did shiina mashiro and kanda sorata died in end episode? in film sakurasou no pet no kanjou?
YES the car both hit them at the end and didn't survived that accident... it was a sad ending T.T just kidding :) no they didn't die your friend is just messing up with you ^_^
Difference between two Japanese sentences?
...t exactly change, the empahsize does. In the first, "jibun no kanjou" is the topic, and about it the new information is that "you ...
who's this song by...?
Arai Akino
How to ask for the bill in Japanese?
..., you can simply say: (a) O kaikei onegai shimasu. (?????????) (b) O kanjou onegai shimasu. (?????????) both of which are commonly used. And...
Could you please translate this text to english? (its in Japanese)? completion (emphasis) deshou = I guess, think, wonder, etc atashi no kanjou wa= My feelings... (fem. speech) namida no oku = inside of tears...
can anyone write in Japanese?
己の感情に従って生きる "live by my heart" onore no kanjou ni shitagatte ikiru 精神が開放された "my spirit is free" seishin ga kaihou sareta