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Is Jaheim wastin his talent?
YES - YES - AMEN & AMEN!! Jaheim has THE best voice out today. I love Anthony...
anthony hamilton or jaheim?
Jaheim......Overall they both sing well but Jaheim looks a lot better and I really loved his first album :)
Better r&b singer - Musiq Soulchild or Jaheim?
This is really hard but Jaheim by a hair. His voice keeps getting... is a classic but I just prefer Jaheim's type of r&b and his voice a bit more...
FEATURES for a hook: Jaheim, Nate Dogg or Akon??
Jaheim...i think he isnt utilized as much as he should be he has an amazing voice, also like to add i think tank, dave hollister and case arent used as they should be either by rap artists.
Who did Jaheim's grandfather sing with?
Jaheim's grandfather was Victor Hoagland. He sang with several groups, the most famous being The Drifters.
i love jaheim?
...). i love this song by him --that's right never say never!!!! jaheim can sing about the 3 little piggies or the a-b-c song, and i will melt like...
Whos more soulful...jaheim or lyfe?
jaheim.. but i dont really like r&b/soul
Have yall heard the song "looking for love" by jaheim?
I love Jaheim!!! You can hear the song at the link below.
who was jaheim dating?
jaheim is not dating anybody at the moment
Which Singer you like better... Anthony Hamilton, KEM, or Jaheim?
thats easy jaheim, he is so fucking blazin, id fuck the shit out of him and he has a good voice