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Italian movies only in standard italian?
Most Italian films, especially comedies, have more or less parts spoken...standard Italian. You can watch some of them, but watching Italian films would be better to approach Italian culture. And...
italian food?
Yes, i love Italian food, my grandma and my mom are 100% Italian so they make...Italian food, don't go to Olive Garden. It's really fake Italian food.
Hi! You look like as an Italian girl! I'm Italian, from Milan. There is...
italian food real italian reciepes ?
Cooking "real" Italian means hard studying, every family has a different way. I... and I can help you out. Its important to note that Italian food in Italy, and Italian-American food is very...
♥ Italian Names Please! ♥?
Alessandra Origin: Italian Meaning: Helper (ahl-e-SAHN-drah) Bella ...
Racism toward Italian people in america?
Anti-Italianism in the United States is a fairly recent phenomenon that ..., educators, artists and architects. An Italian Filippo Mazzei, a close friend and confidant of Thomas ...
italian people?
I love Italian people! I love the culture, I love the language (I'm ...more fluent in the language. I'm excited already, lol. I love Italians!
Italian naturalization?
You don't need to go to Italy and stay there in order to get Italian citizenship: children of Italian parent/parents (it doesn'...
Need a Slogan for an italian cafe?
Go with what an Italian meal brings and stands for: "...touch of class" "Nothing says Italian like (name of cafe)" "When in here, you...
Am I Italian-American?
Italian American are American (by birth or naturalization) of Italian descent, it also refers to people who hold both Italian and American citizenship