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What would you name a sister to Isadora?
Isadora is beautiful. I think any of your combos would pair well...and Emilia has a similar Spanish/English vibe to Isadora. However, Emilia also feels a bit more mainstream. ...
Do you have some middle name suggestions for Isadora?
Isadora is lovely. It's feminine, classy, easy to pronounce and quite uncommon... to list" sets (Isabella Caroline Fleur→ Isadora Caroline Fleur) ○ Isadora Violet ○ Isadora...
Which -dora name do you prefer: Isadora, Pandora, or Theodora?
Isadora. :) I love it. Theodora is my next favorite. I... ("Dori")... haha, I wanted to name her Isadora, but I was for some reason determined to make her middle...
Thoughts on the girl's name Isadora?
~ Isadora. Like or dislike? LIKE! ~ Would you use the name's too close to my niece, Isabella. ~ Do you know an Isadora? No. ~ If so, do they suit their name? n/a ~ If not...
Could Ida be a nickname for Isadora?
Ida could easily be a nickname for Isadora......IsaDorA. Nicknames need not..., Artie I love the name Isadora !! Neither Izzy nor Dora...
Which of these listed names, best fit as a middle name for Isadora.?
Isadora Fern..........#1 Perfect match in sound & name type. Plus the image... a strong, beautiful, creative name. (10+) Other choices would be Isadora Ivy & Isadora Fleur. (It's just a cincidence that...
Middle names for Isadora?
Isadora Rose Isadora Jade Isadora Riley Isadora...Isadora Taylor or just something with one or two syllables. Isadora is a cute name, by the way :)
Middle names for Isadora? (:?
Isadora Faye Isadora Violet Isadora Julie Isadora...
A nice middle name for Isadora?
Isadora Lucille Isadora Emmeline Isadora ... Isadora Eleanor Isadora Rosalie Isadora Beatrice Isadora Ruby Isadora Freya...
'The Three Graces' by Isadora Duncan?
... Three Graces," choreography by Isadora Duncan (May 26, 1877 - 1927): __Among... __Performance example...