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What does throwing someone under the bus mean?
It means you highlight their involvement to shift blame from you to them.
Is BRAT Kavanaugh qualified to serve as Supreme Court justice given his bad attitude in his last hearing?
... under oath. he minimized and even denied his involvement in Bush-era controversies. Take his relationship with...
Why oh why did Kellyanne Conway report this to Jake Tapper today, instead of to the proper authorities when it happened?
...feel sorry for her (if it happened) but when you consider her involvement with the trump team, how do you know she isn't lying in a pathetic attempt...
My estimate of why tavanaugh DOESNT want the FBI involved,..bc THE GOP KNOW that Kavanaugh would likely LIE to the FBI&perjure himself?
I do agree with you on this. When Anita Hill came forward during the process vetting Clarence Thomas, at least they were decent enough to provide an FBI investigation. If they are hiding nothing, why won'...
Does it really matter if I vote or not?
... into a neighborhood of homeowners with a long history of political involvement...and believe me, all the local officials and our Congressman...
Do you find the concept of extremely ancient and highly advanced civilizations to be fascinating?
... "diffusionism" i.e. Old World knowledge of and history of involvement in the "New World". If you consider for example that...
Did Russia have any significant involvement in the Wars in the Middle East?
...s only foreign military base is in Tartus. So that country's involvement in the middle east is large. It remains the only major world power...
How can i get my son back from my parents?
Pick him up from school and take him home. If the police won't intervene for you they won't intervene for your parents. Have his birth certificate handy in case it is needed.
What would liberals do had putin wished that Hillary would have won the election?
... have been so desperatly trying to shift Russian involvement from themselves onto Trump (which so far has done nothing...
Does lupus qualify for assisted suicide in the states in usa where assisted suicide is legal?
... procedures that must be followed, including involvement of two physicians, residency, timing of requests to the physician...