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What if a cop illegally searches your car and finds a dead body?
...on murder charges. From there, they would investigate your possible involvement in the disappearance and murder of the person.
Why do some Americans argue against government involvement in the U.S. economy?
Our government is the reason we have an economy, because without a government, we would not have US currency. The problem arises when they decide to take it a step further and tax the crap out of businesses, and enact strangling regulations that essentially arbitrarily...
So you believe Mueller won't charge trump?
They say he can't indict a sitting President but trump certainly can be indicted for crimes after Jan. 20, 2021 when he's no longer President.
why am I so interested in the "Amanda Knox story"?
...sure, just as we'll never know for sure about Amanda Knox's involvement in the Meredith Kercher case. Legally it's all come...
Poll: Was US's involvement in the Vietnam War a mistake?
To understand the Vietnam War, you really need to know the basic history of what happened Lee. After defeating the French, Vietnam was temporarily divided into a Communist North and...
Do you support H.R. 899 to abolish the Federal Department of Education?
Now that the Browns signed Kareem Hunt, were they wrong or no?
Actually, it depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Kareem Hunt works hard, performs very well in practice every day, and most importantly, stay away from trouble off the field, he will greatly improve his chances of...
what is John Hagee's book "In defense of Israel" about?
It's a justification for US involvement in an ongoing war in the Middle East.
Bezos accuses Trump's little friend Pecker of blackmail and extortion. Your take?
... down by his authoritarian corrupt father Fred. The involvement of "National Enquirer" boss David Pecker...
Should men have reproductive rights too?
As Jeffrey said, men have no involvement once told by their SO she is pregnant. Oh wait...