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For Christians, have you ever seen a UFO?
not yet
What is the actual definition of a miracle? Is that every time God does something?
...when scooping out their wine because it gave them an instant headache or made them sick. They purged it after the...
Physics Motion Problem?
Let’s find the velocity of B relative to A: VB/A = VB – VA = 2cos30i + 2sin30j – 3j From this we can find the position of B relative to A at any time t rB/A = 2tcos30i + (2tsin30 – 3t)j – Dsinθi + Dcosθj...
How do transitional fossils prove the evolution of humans?
... one by changing over time. The changes are not instant, meaning Darwin's theory predicts that we should find...
Are people who have history of asthma "doomed" to never be allowed to serve in the military?
... full blown asthma, after 14, inhaler use, and all that, is still an instant PDQ ---all branches.
Differentiation calculus. Find the equation of the tangent to the curve y = (5-2x)^7 when x = -2.? the 16th century and have tools that can check any math answer in an instant... don't be afraid to use them. So in conclusion there's probably...
Is there anything more pathetic than a man who begs for sex?
... are dating the wrong men. In these days of instant gratification, there are many people (preponderantly) men, who are ...
Apps disappear from home screen if I restart?
... that are stored on that card are not available at the instant of restart and so disappear. If you go into the Application ...
Poll: Who was the last person you had an instant connection with?
A roommate of mine back when I was a student in the late 1990s. We are still friends but don't see each other very often because we live in different cities.
What was the first living organism on earth?
...hundred years. A generation at 20 years. These are instants in the scale of time. Christianity is less than 2000 years...