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I've invested a lot of time in a guy who I've just found out is married with kids. I'm in love with him. How do I get over him?
...they want, and not suffer the consequences. Do you think for even an instant that he wouldn't throw you over as soon as he is bored of you too...
My male colleague has changed his attitude toward me which makes me feel sad?
Whatever it is that made your male coworker change his attitude, he clearly has changed his mind and you should leave this be. He's not interested anymore and that may be sad, but it's nothing you can change. So...
Why isn't he replying?
either he's busy or he got his phone taken
Do you like instant ramen noodles?
Yea.....the chicken flavored.
How is conservatism pragmatic?
... a greedy ideology centered around cutting taxes for instant gratification of rich Americans, whose politicians target the...
Wedding question after the big day - if you could do anything different, what would it be?
... head and I can revisit them in my minds eye in an instant. Way too much money and thought is put into wedding photography...
I think my tongue piercing is resting on a nerve?
i would of went back too where i had it done and asked them
Do some couples fall more in love in a less amount of when they're compatible?
I think so, yes. An instant vibe for the other
What is dumber: claiming that Trump single-handedly improved the economy on his own or claiming that Obama caused the 2008 crash?
...fact that many of our elderly war veterans would be thrown into instant poverty by this insane elimination of their Veterans benefits...
What do you think of the dog, The Eskimo Spitz?
... naturally wary of strangers, but once introduced they become instant friends. Eskimos need to be part of the family with a firm, consistent...