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guys be honest?
as honest as i can be, the first thing i look its the body, i dont mind my chubby girl or nothing... the right to chose her style as long as she dont flash out everyone we cool lol as honest as i could be lol
what is honest?
Honest is being able to tell your partner all your feelings. Honest is having nothing to hide from the person you love. Honest is what two people in a relationship should be to each other.
why can't politicians be honest?
Honest Abe! No seriously though, just think of these elections as job interviews but instead of in...person has any good characteristics either. On that note, no person in the world is completely honest 100% of the time. We all like to think we are but everyone lies sometimes. Politicians ...
Honest or dishonest? ?
LOL Funny stuff there. <----- Honest. Always honest, even when it costs me... a few minute discourse on the benefits of honesty, and says to me, (basically) Listen...
Honestly, how honest are you?
More honest than most, and not as honest as I used to be. I used to... because I was rude or anything. But I was honest to the point of self sacrifice. It sounds great in theory, but it doesn...
Can you chain Honest's effect to trap hole?
Since Honest's effect of returning to the hand is ... how it will look. Opponent summons Honest. Opponent does nothing in response to ...
Was I too honest?
..., interesting. So I shall be honest with you. You're not being honest, you ...aside a hundred friends for someone who can be brutal and honest with me. Kudo for a job well done...
Y!A Friend Poll: Honest Or Deceitful?
HONEST..straight up Honest. Who would be considered your...know we be great neighbors=) etc.. Who Seems to be the most honest/ who seems the most deceitful? honest is AsUWish,.. dont care...
Am I too honest or bitchy?
Being honest with people isn't a bad thing; in fact if more people were like that, there... to be used when it comes to the right time and place for honest opinions. Criticism of someone doesn't have the same impact if...
Brutally Honest....?
my stepfather is one of those brutally honest "shoot straight from the hip" guys when it came to giving...and play dumb to the fact ("Waa? I'm just being brutally honest") they know what hurts. Hey life sometimes deals a bum hand...