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Heifetz, anyone?
Yes, Heifetz is one of the very best ever. But of course taste in music ...
Ave Maria played by Jascha Heifetz?
Here ya go, several versions from several periods of Heifetz' career:
violinists: how can i sound a bit more like Heifetz?
...ire", I'm in complete, total disagreement with "del_icio.". Heifetz in my opinion was the greatest violinist I've ever...
Heifetz poster for dorm room?
Posters of Heifetz would be expensive because they have narrow appeal. They would be a low production volume...
What was the melody Heifetz was playing on his violin in 9:17-10:14?
At 2:22, Heifetz asks the violinist to play the Chaconne (from the Bach ...
Did Perlman ever study with Heifetz? mention of one in the other. Perlman was born in Israel, Heifetz in Russia, though they both migrated to the U.S. "...
There were virtuosos...and then there was Heifetz?
... question is purely personal preference. For example, I think Heifetz was the greatest and did not play "coldly" at all...
Jascha Heifetz: Wienawski VIolin Concerto No. 1?
...d-minor op.22, as per this discography: Presumably...
Heifetz Poster? for college dorms?
...minute in a simple Google search to find these - If you consider $37.50 too expensive for a 16 x 20 poster...
Was Jascha Heifetz better than Paganini?
.... We cannot know in this life.But I pick Heifetz. Paganini was simply a popular entertainer. I personally felt...