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Why are hamburgers called hambugers if there make of groundmeat and not ham?
hamburgers are not called hambugers hamburgers get there name from the city of Hamburg (in northern Germany)
hambuger night?
Mushroom Melt Burger For the Patties: 4 Basic Hamburger patties your favourite barbecue sauce For the Sauce: 4 tablespoons processed cheese spread, like...
who made the first hambuger?
Hi Samantha, If you want a very detailed history of hamburger, there is a link below to read about it. As mentioned by others: 1885 - Charlie Nagreen of Seymour, Wisconsin, at the age of 15, sold...
hotdog or hambuger?
give me the hamburger loaded. one of those sloppy ones like on the jack in the box commercial where the people have the accident.
Why is it called a Hambuger when its really Beef?
The word "burger" would also have no place in the word "hamburger," because before the hamburger was ever created, the word "burg" meant town (in English), and castle in German, which is where Hamburgers get their name: they'...
Is the Hambuger meat still good?
If she put it in the freezer within an hour of cooking it, it's perfectly save. I cook extra casseroles with ground beef and meatloaves and freeze them all the time.
why is a hambuger called a...?
1889, hamburg steak, from the Ger. city of Hamburg, though no certain connection has ever been put forth, and there may not be one beyond that of Hamburg being a major port of departure for Ger. immigrants to U.S. Shortened form burger...
do anyone like hambugers?
Yup, Yum! : )
how to boil hambuger?
I have done this many times for health reasons. I like to add some broth or bullion to add extra flavor. Place your ground beef in a stock pot large enough to allow for extra stirring room and almost cover with water/broth. Stir often to break it up and smash...
Frikadellen or hambugers?
FRIKADELLEN! Hamburgers are boring!