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Does any one use Chacott or Gamba point shoes?
Gamba has great pointe shoes for all kind of levels of dancers... are great lasting shoes that I say top Gamba. They work well for beginners too. More on the expensive side...
What is the difference between the viola d'gamba and the viola d'amore?
Viola da gamba and viola d'amore are not related to the viola except that all ... instrument that was essentially replaced by the cello. Both gamba and cello are large and played with the instrument between the legs...
How are Viola da Gambas measured?
The typical Bass Gamba is around the size of a standard 4/4 cello but there really is no standard...
i have a Renato Gamba Edinburgh Mono-Trap trapshooter , and am looking for what it is worth?
... a really tough question. People generally think of Renato Gamba shotguns as being top of the line products, up there close to...
What is the difference between a viola de gamba and a baroque cello?
The most obvious difference is that a viola de gamba has six strings, no end pin, and is bowed underhand...
Violin on Viola da Gamba?
... effect. and to hear some :
Prediction for Pachuca VS. Gamba Osaka?
Are you guys serious? Gamba Osaka made 3 goals on Manchester United. I think it will be 3-1 in favor of Gamba Osaka
Is the cello decedent of the viola da gamba?
Indeed it is the product of an unholy union between a viola da gamba and a ukulele. The mutation left the violoncello with only four strings...
what does "in gamba" mean exactly??
Sei una persona in gamba : you're a clever person essere in gamba : to be strong
Can you sever a finger playing the viola da gamba if a string snaps? to stand higher tension. so your cello is more dangerous than a gamba would be. gut strings age and break pretty regularly. i've seen...