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Are flashy kicks useful?
When you say flashy I'm going to assume you mean any kick above the waist or basically head... a clue. Very few guys can pull off higher lever or flashy kicks that are effective example Mirco "cro cop". or...
flashy, effective, fast,and powerful kicks (martal arts)?
...of the kicks that are considered flashy can also be very effective techniques if done... and kicking with the heel while in midair. Flashy yes. Effective, clearly. Powerful, definitely...
what builds solid muscle not flashy muscle?
Big flashy muscles are built with special diets with very high protean...
Am I Too Flashy?
I mean, it's flashy, but if that's your style then don't worry about it. Personally...
What is it called when you get seizures from flashy lights?
Seizures from flashy lights can be related to people with photosensitive ... there is a connection between subminimal flash, flashy ; flashing lights and seizures. Strobe...
What would be some flashy ways to commit murder? For my Writing
Flashy. Hmmm... I guess I would make the murder absolutely horrendous, like...
What does a "flashy" horse mean?
...eye even in a crowd of other horses is "flashy." As others have indicated... but ready to explode at the same time. "Flashy" can also be used in a somewhat derogatory or dismissive...
What makes a paint "flashy"?
flashy is a like a paint with many patches and or mostly white and they catch your eye in the show ring i would definetly consider your paint very flashy
Luxury Cars that arent Flashy?
... all make great full size luxury sedans that dont really look flashy. these are the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and...
Poll - Simple or Flashy?
People will always have a tendancy to say flashy because they crave attention and wish to be noticed in such a manner. In...