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good evanescence songs?
Evanescence EP is the first EP from the rock band Evanescence. It was... EP, is the second extended play (EP) released by Evanescence. Originally recorded with assistance from Bigwig Enterprises and sold...
What happened to Evanescence?
Evanescence didn't break up. They are working on their third album, due out... Are the Fallen is the direction he was pulling in. Current Evanescence is the way she was pulling. John LeCompt was ‘fired...
Evanescence doess in fact have ties to the scene if ayou are indeed ...closely related to gothic metal who knowingly take imagery from gothic literature. Evanescence is an alternative rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas...
Evanescence fans.....?
1. Where Will You Go (Evanescence EP) 2. Where Will You Go (Origin...
evanescence finish?
Evanescence isn't over. Two of the members left, but no tour dates are canceled. I guess they've got someone else.
Any news about evanescence?
Evanescence is Amy, Terry and Tim. Troy and Will were temporary...Troy is now an official member of Seether and Will...which is absolutely breathtaking, so it's a bit of something to tie us fans over for now. But Amy will not stop making music, it's her passion, and Evanescence will return before we know it!
no. the members of evanescence have been asked this question many times. the members of evanescence are in fact christians but they do not preach in their music. flyleaf is a christian band though.
What evanescence song is the best to sing?
Evanescence is a good choice for a talent competition! :) Their songs are not easy to sing and... the song before. However, don't use this criteria to rule out anything, as Evanescence is not as heard of as, say, Britney Spears. A few songs that...
if you know the singer evanescence answer this question?
Evanescence did not retire, no worries. Evanescence is still Evanescence, with September, and that is definite.) For more information, these are good sites: (official website) (official forum) (Lee's official ...
Evanescence is a Grammy Award-winning American alternative rock band founded...quot; · "Weight of the World" are the best~ i agree with you that EVANESCENCE are the best~ I like amy lee's song.. anyway, be happy~ have fun