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Questions about England?
England is a constitutional monarchy, meaning we have a monarchy (currently a ...then the Curia Regis, and then eventually the Parliament of England. Since the Act of Union the Parliament of England...
England Qualified?
ENGLAND have not qualified for the 2008 UEFA European ... chance of qualification is now hanging in the balance. ENGLAND must beat CROATIA at home & hoping that RUSSIA will slip up...
Anyone out there from England?
I'm from England, so I'm English, but I'm...equivalent to States in the US); they are England, Scotland, Wales and the aforementioned ...
first king of england?
The land of early medieval England comprised several kingdoms and minor...time he died he had control of all of England south of the Humber. His son, ...
question about england?
England is very, very different from the US. And it's impossible to say...39;s just too different. The mentality is possibly a bit nicer in England, if you like quiet, cautious people who are deep and not superficial, as I do...
what type of terrain does england have?
England can be divided into two major regions. They are called highland zone and the... often to thin and stony, with hard rock formation below the ground. The parts of England in the highland zone are the Pennine Chain of mountains, extending down...
Where is england??????
England is the largest of the three countries which make up the island...
what type of geography does England have????
England comprises the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain, plus...nautical mile)[26] sea gap. The Channel Tunnel, near Folkestone, directly links England to the European mainland. The English/French border is halfway along the tunnel...
The regions of England are called 'counties' instead of 'provinces...
I need information about the education in new england.?
New England is the name of a region of the United States. New city of Massachusetts. This is a map of New England: