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Guess the Names of theses Christmas Songs?
.... Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer Endocarp Vesicated by Conflagration. Chestnuts Roasting...
From which part of seed do we obtain cotton fibre ?
Exocarp , Mesocarp and Endocarp are the division of fruit wall of a DRUPE type of fruit such as ...
Is popcorn easier to digest than whole kernel corn?
yes because the endocarp has been opened so the starch is available to be digested
what is the name of the outer covering of the rambutan?
the endocarp
parts of an aratilis fruit?
Pericarp or exocarp, mesocarp, endocarp Pericarp is wall of a fruit. It encloses the ...often fleshy and forms the middle layers. The innermost layer or endocarp, which surrounds the seeds, may be membranous or thick and hard, as in...
How does the calvaria tree stay alive without the dodo bird?
The seed has a hard endocarp shell. The endocarp can split with time and weathering, or by other ...
Need information about the exocarp!?
The endopericarpal layer is the layer between the endocarp and the hemispherical diploid organism. [edit]Exocarp Exocarp (Gr...
when growing an avacado plant in a pot (w/ soil), why is it recommended to expose the seed?
The Avocado seed does not have an endocarp, the hard shell that encases most seeds and protects the embryo...
What is cocnut skin made of?
...the mesocarp, which is the middle layer or pith, and the endocarp, which is the inner layer surrounding the ... prior to consumption. In citrus, the endocarp is separated into sections, which...
How is a BERRY and a DRUPE different?
A drupe only has one seed with a hard (bony) endocarp. Some examples would be peaches, mangos, or ...