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What's your top 5 favorite MOVIES from the year 1990?
Predator 2 Child's Play 2 Tremors Total Recall Robocop 2
I need uncommon quirky/nerdy names for boys?
..., Desmond, Duke, Ethan, Eugene, Edward, Elliott, Edwin, Earl, Esteban, Frank...
Does Queen Elizabeth use the NHS?
... most physicians who attend upon her at the King Edward VII Hospital. As security is an issue she and ...
Why do I write poems about death and so. I m not interested to kill anyone or even try suicide, even though I am a happy person?
...of. no problems, it is just your style. ever heard of Edward Gorey? he wrote some of my favorite books as a kid...
Is it true Nas wrote the pop song "getting jiggy with it"?
.... Songwriter(s): Samuel Barnes, Bernard Edwards, Joe Robinson, Nile Rodgers, Will ...
Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor?
He did not leak classified information to anyone. That was a lie probably from the CIA. He said so himself. He is staying away because the U.S. wants to prosecute him for exposing...
What do you think of Tommy Dreamer paying Eddie Edwards' bail?
It's very gracious of Tommy Dreamer. He's good dude for helping someone out every single time.
Our debt is based on budget shortfalls. It has absolutely nothing to do with trade imbalances. Where did cons get this hilarious belief from?
...own 40 percent of the country's wealth, according to a new paper by economist Edward N. Wolff. That share is higher than it ...
What wedding song should I walk down the aisle?
...down the isle (after the ceremony) we got fun and played Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
What happen if a jury cannot agree on a verdict?
...same in the new trial the prosecution will sometimes give up, for example in the John Edwards Case. However if they believe they have a good shot at conviction they...