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Team Edward or Jacob?
Edward. Most people who like Jacob only think that because Taylor ... telling her to choose him when she obviously loved Edward. But That's like Eclipse and beforehand. In ...
Edward Cullen questions?
Edward Cullen Answers: -His birthday is June 20, 1901... is when he changed him into a vampire. I love Edward Cullen! You can find more information here:
who do u like? Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
JACOB is so much better than edward! edward is waaaay to overprotective, and he's very controling...bella doesnt have to give anything up to be with jacob. but for edward, she would have to become a vampire so edward doesnt kill ...
Who do yuo like better Edward or Jacob?
Edward <3 Edward <3 Edward <...;3 Edward <3 Edward <3 Edward <3 Edward <3 Edward <...
Twilight fans...Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
edward because he is so romantic and old fashion. jacob just wants action. any ways edward is like that cause he was born in the 1901 where people wernt all cruel and...
Edward Sicssorhands or Edward Cullen ?
Edward Cullen is sweet, but it seems to me that Meyer just patched all the...narrator never seems to acknowledge it, nor do they ever get him into trouble. In closing, Edward Cullen is an ice cream cone to me--not bad, no, but where's the ice cream? Edward...
need a last name for Edward?
Edward Rickard Edward Nash Edward Clarke Edward...mean something (even if the readers aren't aware), but unfortunately the name Edward is quite difficult to find a fluent surname for.
Colston or Edwards week 10?
Braylon Edwards. The kid has talent. Plus theres a bigger reward...sit in that curl/slant zone taking away Colstons biggest threat. Edwards is looking to start a long chemistry with Quinn. Go with...
Edward Cullen is forever juvenile. Edward Cullen is...Edward Cullen believes it is repulsive to drink human blood. Edward Cullen always finds himself being thirsty while around ...
Twilight Fans: Team Edward or Team Jacob?Why?
Team Sexy Edward! <3 Want to know why? 1)he's sexy...when he found out that she was gong back for edward! 4)YOU DONT NEED ABBS ...