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Westerners / christians help me, downton abbey doubts !!!?
What has Downton Abbey got to do with religion? religion. A death in a family like you see in Downton Abbey would be followed by a ...
On "Downton Abbey" (supposedly in Yorkshire), people took day-trips on trains to London. Down & back in the same day? Seems implausible.?
Downton Abbey is set in the 1910s-1920s, in Yorkshire (though not actually...the same day would have been possible in that era. The exact location of Downton is not given in the series but it is implied to be close...
Who also loves downton abbey :)?
I love Downton Abbey! It is great! I am really looking...
Downton Abbey pilot episode explanation?
... Grantham does not OWN Downton Abbey, the castle and title of " the Lord, that means he'd inherit Downton. If none of Lord Grantham'...
Who is your favourite downton abbey character?
... knows her place within the scheme of Downton Abbey & the high class within society & all of it'...of discretion. Good Luck & Best of Downton Abbey!
Is Downton Abbey a good show?
Oh I LOVE Downton Abbey! It begins as the story about the wealthy Crawley...
Downton Abbey? Yay or nay?
Downton Abbey is a really good Period Drama but it ...
Are there any books that are similar to those of Downton Abbey?
Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by The Countess of Carnavon is about...
Let's see- Super Bowl or Downton Abby?
Downton Abbey gets rerun next week. Watch the commercials and check on Downton during halftime. You can catch up next seek.
Where does the money come from in supporting places like Downton Abbey?
An estate like Downton is generally supported from the rents... of the nobility depicted in Downton Abbey thus the need for fresh infusions...