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What events made Dixieland music popular?
Dixieland was the successor of Ragtime music, which was popular at the turn of the 20th century...much celebration and joyful events that required upbeat music. The time was right for Dixieland and its exhuberant style made everyone quite giddy and happy, along with spirits. of course...
Fast Dixieland songs?
Remember, most Dixieland tunes can be played at any tempo. It is up to you to...
extra Dixieland?
Dixieland? Are you asking about the stimulus payment? See http://www....
What is the difference between dixieland jazz and 30s and 40s swing jazz?
Dixieland is the earlier style. It evolved in New ...
Backround for Dixieland?
Dixieland is a type of jazz which developed in New Orleans...
why is the south called dixieland?
Dixieland is a popular form of jazz originating from the South, so it's called Dixieland to credit it. Hope that helped!
Dixieland music with words?
... used to work for my father's band! Many Dixieland jazz performances use such popular songs with words as the...
Do you consider Original Dixieland Jazz Band to be real Jazz?
The Original Dixieland Jass Band recorded the first record of jazz history in...
What are the main features of dixieland jazz?
... solo to the theme with the rhythm section accompanying/comping. Dixieland has a couple of instruments doing development of the theme at...
starting a dixieland jazz band?
... will work in a pinch, but not really Dixieland style. To be honest, I'd reserve...definitely help in solo sections, since Dixieland is all about solos. My...