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Jehovah's Witnesses, how are you safeguarded against being misled by "that evil slave" (Matthew 24:48)?
"But suppose that servant [slave] is wicked... and begins to beat his fellow-servants [slaves]... [The master of that servant/slave] will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be...
Is the USA government encouraging more illegal immigration to get rid of the black population in America?
...raise the IQ's of blacks. This is one of the new directives of the Democratic Party. The only way to raise up the...
Please help .. what is meant by 'pass' here in this context? Thanks?
When an Act is "passed," it becomes Law (legislation). So in this context a new Law must be made concerning Data Protection, as set out in that Act. .
If buzz light year didn't think he was a toy, why did he go limp when Andy came?
As I recall, he had been programmed with a "directive" to not let humans know that he was a living being.
Why did the US air force admit to finding a flying saucer UFO after the Roswell Incident only to retract it?
...that could not possibly be ready for them at all. ANY breach of a prime directive, no matter how unintentional the circumstances, has to be met with the...
Assembly Language Question?
...39;t the first or only .data block in your program, or add an alignment directive) and then: mov ax,word ptr bigEndian xchg al,ah mov word ptr littleEndian...
Are the hoards that don't believe in birth control (Muslims, Catholics) going to overrun and overwhelm western democracies?
... Eastern Europeans are resisting EU directives to accept more illegals and now other EU States are...
Why do Jews hate Muslims?
... Education, Grade 12, p. 87.] This religious directive to fight Israel is also expressed in a schoolbook ...
Should boycotting the State of the Union come with an automatic resignation or censure?
...the Cabinet showing up is probably a Presidential directive and up to the President. Members of the Joint Chiefs...
(INDIANA) If a new property management company takes over an Apartment building, is my son required to sign a new lease?
As a general rule, all existing leases "go with the property" when it's sold. The buyers knew that and must therefore HONOR all existing leases until they expire of their own terms. If someone...