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So when you see Trump mention Hillary multiple times at 3pm, then Conway claims at 9pm that "we at the white house never talk about Hillary"?
Trump forces his base to abandon any pretense of logical consistency. Instead, they must follow along as Trump contradicts himself on a daily basis. The result is that Trump supporters no longer care about the truth...
Can a Federal judge roll back Sessions Marijuana directive?
Yes a Federal Judge as well as a Majestrait can also. Then it would up to the AG to appeal or eventually go to the supreme Court of the US.
is sex while married without the intent to create life (safe sex) a sin?
... did any of Jesus’ disciples issue any such directive. Nowhere does the Bible explicitly condemn birth control. In...
Trump signed the extension to delay our embassy being moved to Jerusalem in June. He's done nothing to rescind that law. Are Congress?
Yep. Here's the deal. Just because Trump says it doesn't mean the rest of the world has to listen. He's not the emperor of Earth, and the sooner he learns that, the better.
Trump has not offered any funds to move the Tel Aviv embassy, just threatened to cut their funding if they don't. Doesn't that remind you?
Republicans couldn’t even tell you how many embassies were attacked under Bush because they don’t actually give a dam
Why is Vatican so adamant on forced celibacy rule of catholic priests?
A lot of what the Catholic church does is un-scriptural.
Should I Report The Doctor?
... prolonged, often when they don't want it, but have no advance directives. So they are stuck. But anyway, if your dad...
Which directive ends a procedure?
Die; (in php) Or lots of them also use just a basic } to end a procedure.
What is the difference between an executive order issued by the president and a law?
...far-reaching in scope. An executive order is a limited directive that gives instructions on how laws passed by the...
Do you back Roy Moore like I do?
... Supreme Court for his refusal to adhere to the directive of the US Supreme Court in their proper interpretation...