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Christians what advice would you give a new Christian?
...what the Bible actually says? Acts 17:10,11 give us this directive. And as you grow in Christ, read your Word every day...
Is a therapist or counselor "supposed to" provide a back up person when they go on vacation?
If she is on vacation I would not call her personal cell phone but there is nothing wrong with calling her office number and asking if she had left the name and number of someone that was covering her...
Tv Evangelists: Bible Teachers or Business Men?
...on TV may fill a need for some, but those that do ignore God's directive in Hebrews 10:25, to not avoid the gathering of the Church...
Are there and benefits for a man to get married? of you is incapacitated, you still need advanced health directives, powers of attorney, and a will. Nobody accepts :"we'...
Trump Supporters: What did our closest ally’s leader Justin Trudeau do that so infuriated your orange buffoon?
The directive from Putin is to break up the North Atlantic ...
As Catholic what do you think about seal of confession? I mean what if penitent confess that he's pedophile, a murder or is suicidal?
Confession is a sacrament that can be abused to merely "get the person off the hook", when there is no sincere contrition -- especially after deliberately committing a sin that is likely to be repeated. I dated a Catholic woman one time...
Can you help me with C++?
...complex replacements than that, but this gives you the idea. A directive is an instruction, how to do something or what should be done.
Why are Palestinians so violent?
... Education, Grade 12, p. 87.] This religious directive to fight Israel is also expressed in a schoolbook ...
Should we have a Prime Directive like in Star Trek where we aren't allowed to like let Africans know about the wheel, planes, etc?
...that's funny. But it's true. There is such a prime directive among social anthropologists. When they go deep into the ...
Should anyone other than the person who orders a mission to be undertken get to decide if it has been Accomplished?
...history. Trump never implied there will be no more trouble, but the mission directives were achieved in a superior manner.