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Car wheel diameter differences?
The wheel diameter doesn't really tell me anything, you can have quite a range of different size...will determine how much your speedometer/odometer will be off will be the outside diameter of the tire, not the wheel size. For example a 225/70-15 will be much ...
Radius instead of diameter?
A diameter is a special case of radius in circle calculations you might say. ...and surfaces, you'd be forced to do weird things with the diameter to get it into the formula. So instead of mixing it, you simply keep the...
how do i find the diameter of a circle?
The diameter (meaning "all the way across") of a circle is a straight line that... use the letter d for the length of this line. The diameter of a circle is equal to twice its radius (d equals 2 times...
Diameter is twice the radius so radius is half the diameter. Diameter = 1/8 inch Radius = 1/2 * 1/8 = 1/16 inch
what is nominal diameter of a screw and a nut?
NOMINAL DIAMETER The diameter equal to the external diameter of the threads. crest for an external thread, or root to root for an internal thread. MINOR DIAMETER This is the diameter of an imaginary cylinder which just touches...
What is the diameter?
The diameter is the radius times two. The Radius is half the... the distance around the circle. Radius= area divided by pi or diameter divided by 2 diameter= radius times 2 2r Circumference...
How do you find the diameter?
Diameter (d) in terms of area (a) of the circle: a = π(d/2)² a... d² = 4a/π d = 2√(a/π) Answer: 2√(a/π) is the diameter. ----------- Diameter (d) in terms of circumference (c): c = dπ d = c...
The diameter of the free throw circle is 9 feet 6 inches... which is 4 feet 9 inches. Now, the diameter is twice the radius, so 2*4 feet 9 inches ...
Chemistry!!!! Diameters~!!!?
radius = 1/2 of the diameter the wire is a cylinder of unknow radius and length of 32.1 cm...0.00564 = pi*r^2*32.1 The radius = 0.0075 cm The diameter = 0.0150 cm You can do the problem using the density...
How to work out the diameter, circumference or radius of a curcle? ?
Diameter is that D Off D = 6m. It's a straight line that... a straight line from the circle to the mid point. (So it's half the diameter). Circumference is the length of the circle if it were...