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Can ANYONE tell me where my $5.7Billion USA American Tax Dolloars will go to build this infamous "Wall" I keep reading about...?
The wall is another money making scam that Trump is putting on the American people. Don't fall for the fear mongering propaganda.
If i pray hard enough will God smite trump?
... so should have identified you and passed your details to the relevant Federal Agencies!
Why do wimpy atheists suck up to Muslim terrorists?
Because they are cowardly worthless liberals who have failed in life and so they are consumed with hatred and envy.
Just read the details please?
Extended family is what you mean. The law of inheritance generally only recognizes Blood lines. Don't fret it, live your own life.
How many years did it take for Noah to build an Ark?
...back off from this assignment, complain about its challenges, or alter the details to make it easier on himself? The Bible answers...
Can the government shutdown affect my paycheck from a small non-federal company?
The government shutdown has nothing to do with a private business. Call their bluff. If that doesn’t work, file a complaint with your state’s Dept of Labor for unpaid wages. You can do that online. Good luck
Poll - Do you think it will be OK?
I doubt it very much, in fact now that I know all the details I'll as far as saying NO.
so what do you think about Trump's defining what a gender is ?see the details?
I believe you are born a female or a male. The rest is foolishness.
Poll: who do you think is more in pain?
...and how far into pregnancy is the woman? Your question is to vague. Details matter. I really don't know how difficult a pregnancy is on a woman at...
religion and spirituality. wide is the average person what whole world to know what kind of sex he is having? see the details?
Without getting too religious here people are proud of doing what is wicked! They display their Satan on the outside so that everybody can know what God that they truly support. I'm a Christian I don't talk about sex that'...