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Christians now that God's name is known. Will you use it? See the details.?
Wow that's really cool! I looked that up myself when I saw it and I think it's a truly amazing thing that somebody has finally gotten together and tracked down how to pronounce the name of God! They should have...
Can I resign from my job and take a month or two off work? READ DETAILS PLEASE!?
months or two is nothing. of course they will hire u. but i suggest u start applying the very minute u resign - it takes several months usually to find a job
Pregnant? Or something wrong?
The periods are controlled by hormones secreted by ovaries, and endometrium, these can be seen only by ultrasound etc. so go to gynaecologist.
What is the longest amount of time USA mil or CIA are starved during their training?
What happens at SERE school stays @ SERE school.... Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) is a program...
I don't like him but I'm still attracted to him?
... something tells me you weren't looking for such a detailed answer. This is also where the saying nice guys finish last...
If Stephanie McMahon told you you can have anything you want if you join her Survivor Series team?
...would we believe her? Have your Lawyers draw up a very detailed contract and make Stephanie sign it, and if she reneges she should have...
Civil War Question?
... evidence is abundant, but you'll have to research to get the details of these reasons for this essay question.... Reasons.....War unavoidable...
I told my friend I like her. I think she basically rejected me by electing to not answer me?
she read your text and thought what a creep! she told her bf about it and they had a good laugh
Should I report my 18-year-old brother fo fraud?
You need to speak to your brother about repaying you in full. If he can’t do it in the next couple weeks, then it up to you if you tell the CC company what happened and request a reversal of the charges. Either way, you get a new card and number...
Why are the people on Yahoo Answers so toxic?
Not everyone is, but you have to be tough. You can't pick and choose who answers your questions, and posting pleading requests for 'only helpful people please' only brings out the worst in some people. Ask...