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Why does "電車" mean train?
A train is a series of cars that runs on electricity. Japanese uses Chinese characters (kanji), which put characters that mean something different together, to form a word that is a different meaning from the ones put...
anyone who can translate this to english ?
○電車利用…長野電鉄線本郷駅下車徒歩10分 ○バス利用…・平林柳原線...
Chinese translation help?
Just now when (we/they/I) came back, I took the bus/ subway/ trolley bus. 大巴 - tourist bus/ coach 地鐵 - metro/ subway/ train 電車 - trolley bus Hope this helps! :)
Can anyone help me with this (Japanese)?
でんしゃ should be 電車 not 電気 (でんき) 次's bushu looks more like the one in 海. It...
do you think japan will become multicultural soon one day?
Don't listen to 電車男, she's a bit racist, and I'm an Colombian-Irish...
Can anyone tell me which japanese show this is?
...pretty sure this is from a drama called Densha Otoko 電車男 literally "train man",,, it's about this guy who is otaku which...
What do these kanji mean?
下がる = Fall 生年月日 = Date of birth 電車 = Train 力学 = Mechanics 七分 = Seven 上りと下りの電車 = Train of an/the ascent and descent Have a nice day! :)
japanese live action?
...!! だいすき!!(i love it) Beautiful Life Densha otoko 電車男 (the man handle-name is train-man) Saitou san 斉藤さん (mis...
About English teachers in Japan...Do they teach English in English or Japanese?
...vocabulary etc using Japanese... Book = 本 Train = 電車 etc etc. is one method. Especially if you are teaching...
Any injured US Soldiers in Oregon here on Yahoo Answers..?
Yeah, I did...and it was their Regional Office that was responsible for me not getting the benefits I was entitled to for well over 20 years. They are quite possibly the...