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Why can't I beat Dahaka in FFXIII, Chapter 11?
"Why can't I beat Dahaka in FFXIII, Chapter 11?" ... salvo (which you can heal from immediately), Dahaka will perform a handful of generally less powerful ...
How do I beat Dahaka in Final Fantasy XIII?
...butt: Despite only being half the fal’cie he was before, Dahaka is still an impressive opponent. The good news is that this boss...
Cant defeat Dahaka (Final fantasy 13)?
..., Ravanger and Medic. Before I battled Dahaka(i had trouble as well) I decided to just max them out...
Why did God create Dahaka if he knew that Prince would change his fate ?
I have faith in Dahaka! I don't think that even god was ready to play games with him...
Whats a quick easy way to kill the Dahaka in ch 11 of FF13 PLEASE HELP!!!?
... then Hurry up and switch to Protection Because Dahaka does this move thing called like Firestorm or something? then once...
I am playing final fantasy 13(xiii) and I am stuck on the dahaka. How do I pass it?
... but 75% works fine for me) switch back to 'A' until Dahaka is staggered. Then switch to 'B'. Hope...
Why cant the Dahaka touch water?
...reason, I think its because water is the essence of life, while the Dahaka is the exact opposite.
Are there any cheats to beat Dahaka on final fantasy 13?
...some more and level weapons some more. I really struggled with Dahaka, but it is possible without grinding. It's essentially a test...
Final fantasy 13 dahaka?? ?
They say the best thing to do is to set up defensive shrouds prior to the fight, so you're not killed instantaneously. What you can do is start with a defensive paradigm, to have a sentinel provoke and block the attacks while a Synergist buffs...
how do i defeat dahaka boss in final fantasy 13 chapter 11 ??!!!?
Try looking it up on YouTube pal,I'm sure u'll find something useful there c: