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What anime/manga are you currently watching/reading?
***Currently watching: Angel Beats! (ongoing) Giant... Game As for what I'm currently reading, really only Tsubasa Reservoir...
Parents, What books are you currently reading...?
I am currently reading The Da Vinci Code (Dan ...
Best NBA Defender ever? Currently also?
Currently: Tony Allen Sorry, I'm not trying to steal...
What steps are currently being taken to help the environment?
Many things are currently being done to benefit the environment, but you would need to research these...never be great enough to negate all of the damage that has already/ is currently being done.
What are some rap songs currently on the radio?
Some rap songs currently on the radio: Eminem - Taking My Ball Lupe...
Obama is currently bombing 7 countries and has US troops fighting in a dozen more. How many Obama wars will Hillary continue?
Obama is currently bombing 7 countries and has US troops ...
Can someone tell me all of the spacecraft currently in and out of our solar system?
There are currently four interstellar probes - Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager... winter, when they will be in sleep mode. Mars Odyssey is currently in orbit around Mars. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter...
Considering the Military but currently enrolled in college?
I currently attend NYIT. I am also an air force veteran. My suggestion...
I want to reclass to 11B. I am currently a 92Y?
If you are currently in an infantry unit: -You'll have to get approval from... you to re-class. If you are NOT currently in an infantry unit: -You'll have to find a unit with an...
Dream Act Question? I currently...?
...the same time, deferred action neither helps nor hurts any petition currently being done, however as long as he arrived on a valid visa there...