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how long can a computer work? used for running external audio through its filters for creative music enhancement. That audio input must be at unamplified levels only; if...
How to stay happy in this messed up world?
.... drink some tea. crack a few jokes. try your hand at something creative like painting, music, drawing, etc. write down a list of all the ...
What are some good hobbies?
Music, skating, reading something you like can be long novels or mangas. I mean I consider sleeping a hobby, but I don't know if you would
I've tried making lasagna like 6 times and it always fails- cheese never melts and noodles burn?
Are these trolls? How can you mess up such simple recipes and spend so much money doing it? Lasagna is not complicated or expensive. It takes 45 mins on 375/400F. Maybe your oven straight up...
What could a scientist in my Star Wars story be working on?
How about color holograms?
Okay....if there was an alien apocalypse, and there were only a limited amount of wrestlers you can have on your team, who would you pick?
..., imo. He is really quick. He is resourceful, and creative, too. BRAWLER: Stone Cold Steve Austin...
is mercury square neptune aspect responsible for somebody being delusional, paranoic, liar etc?
...most people to accept that fact. And mercury square neptune people are very creative and artistic. They make great artists and musicians. They...
If I was a big jerk & you had the random power to transform me into a Sunday newspaper, what would you do? How long would I be transformed?
I use to have a paper route, way back when kids could have them. Okay. After I turn you into a Sunday paper, I would shove you full of the circulars and coupons that go inside, followed by the samples of Tide...
Is creationism scientific?
...factual, and when science offers us a suggestion of what God's creative process looked like, Creationists will lie. They lie, because...
Who changes their names on answers when in a good or bad mood?
Have no ideal. Ive had mine for years. To be honest haven't even bothered to change it. I'm just not all that creative.