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A chonga, who is also my best friend, keeps harassing me. Her ways of doing this include; calling me homosexual and a "twink." What do I do?
... someone like that around anyways? If you are more of a creative individual, I'd suggest possibly strangeling her with a gay pride flag...
What’s a Couple Name for Jim and Rachel?
Tough one! Unfortunately, most of them don't sound very good. Jachel Rachim if you want to get creative, then perhaps J-Ray
What happened to Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper?
...s entire identity around Matt, so maybe he's off TV long enough for creative to think we've forgotten about him. Luke Harper...
How come basically everything is invented by Men?
... with their defeated and pathetic mindset are too lazy to be creative and instead sit around make excuses or the more popular choice of to sleeping...
What makes someone a creative genius?
Good question. I guess that's something person A might say about person B when B thought of something A figures that A could have never thought of.
Are we Gods only creation? if he made us in just 6 days, what has he been doing for the eternity he has existed?
You seem to have some thoughtful questions, worthy of a response, so here goes... Time is part of creation. Thus don't take the 6 days too literally, but neither were they eons. Also, reread Genesis 1; "In the...
How much better would WWE be if they got rid of the pg rating? kids (which they barely do as is). The problem is bad creative direction, mismanaging talent, and an ultimate disgust in being viewed...
Are you any good at math?
Not really, I'm much better at creative arts and writing :)
How do I get rid of demons from my house?
...think, see, hear, say and do literally set into motion Almighty God’s creative powers that form the matrix of life’s reality you find yourself now...
Are whites more likely to become inventors, since most inventors are white?
Whites are more creative and inventive yes. That is why Obama let China steal our secrets.