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Haha! - libs are really going to the shrink due to 'panic attacks' and 'anxiety' from Trump - do you see, libs, how you aren't fit to rule?
This is what happens when you let emotion rule you. The hallmark of Leftism
Already violent in America, liberals are organizing 'protests' in other countries - will their visas be banned?
... reminder that the increasingly aggressive, in-your-face Left in this country is on the march. Acclaimed author Paul Sperry ...
Moving over to PC - HDMI?
Stating your country and money available will get you a lot more than a simple question for making the...
From the scale of 1_10 deplorables ,how angry are you?
Trump has the power to deport all illegal aliens. He just can't ban the legal immigrants and visitors like he tried to order.
Can I park my car at the airport?
At the airport is usually expensive parking. But most large airports have car storage companies nearby, maybe a few miles down the road. They charge to store your car by the day or week, and generally have a shuttle bus to take you to the terminal, and then pick...
why doesnt Venezuela just become a capitalist country?
Denmark is the happiest country in the world. They pay fifty percent tax and everyone has everything they...
Do you think the world is getting better or worse since 2009?
"Hillybilly atheists"... There is such a thing? I thought atheists in hick towns were likely to get dragged into the woods and murdered if they were outed? The answer...
Do you own an international travel adaptor?
G'day my beautiful Melburnian. Most of my travel now days is to Canada or cruising the South Pacific.
Are Cuban men considered as Latinos or what?
True. Every spanish speaking country is latin.
It's time to play "Trump Or Hitler!" I'm going to list a series of quotes, and you tell me whether Trump or Hitler is the author. Ready?
1- Hitler, 2-Trump, 3-Hitler, 4-Trump, 5-Hitler. I promise I didn't use Google!