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Is taking down the Confederate Monuments like Modern Germany destroying Nazi monuments?
not exactly, but there are no easy answers to this. fanatical partisans only make it worse. Example: Stalin was a brutal mentally ill dictator. Even his successor Khrushchev removed Stalin's body from...
Was militant state enforced atheism an integral and important part of communist ideology?
Yes. Thankyou for admitting the driving ideology in communist countries was not atheism.
True or False: Globalism would, paradoxically, favor the artless and genuinely intelligent?
The radical left bit way too hard, way too fast. Maybe just out of greed to witness the endgame in their own lifetime. They have only themselves to blame.
Why is it always a Democrat that lets Fascist countries get nukes?
Clinton let the Norks get nukes and Obongo let Iran get nukes.
How many countries do socialist must trash before they figure out what the rest of us already know. Your broken system F@cking sucks!?
How many countries "do socialist must trash"? You mean how many countries "must...
Is it a good idea to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, the country who did 9/11 and is the biggest supporter of Islamic fundamentalism?
It is for show. The U.S. sells them weapons, they use them to kill Yemenis, who are backed by Iran, which the U.S. and Israel hates so everyone is happy because...
If we EXPEL Hispanics from USA, should we invite white AUSSIES here?
Australians will just flock to the USA. They will relish the lack of medical care and the right to carry an AR-15 to school. Things they can't do in Australia.
Why can I marry my first cousin but not my brother?'s never allowed to be closer than that. In other countries or states it might be different and the law says that even first...
What country caused World War II?
... were allies, as were many other countries with each other. When the archduke of Austria... became aware of the propaganda in your country about alleged cruelties against the ...
Why are Europeans letting terrorists in their countries ?
Because liberals are pure evil and hate their own people and country.