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Do republicans really think Donald Trump have the capabilities to change the country for the better?
the thinking part is the huge prob here. but abt half the gop was strongly vs dt : romney stood out as the leader of the stop dt movement. so the gop's blame is limited but not that of the Low Info's, Useful Idiots &...
Why do people think blacks are more violent?
... are more violent than whites because Switzerland, a country majority white has the lowest crime stats in the world! Come on...
Why do people think black people are the most violent?
This graphic may help: Reality in America is that at least 54% of the murders are...
Is Russia a violent country?
...train same as you. If you meet the dregs of society, and you will in any country, in Russia they will ask for a cigarette, a light, or money (in the form of pocket...
Why do some Muslims want everything for themselves?
Because they are greedy
The last time Canada's head of state was actuallyon Canadian soil was over 6 years ago. When will our head of state be in Canada again? its unlikely the Queen will be visiting any commonwealth country again personally I think she should of made Charles king 20 ...
Why do democrats call insurance healthcare?
It's like a wise man from Canada said recently, universal healthcare is like giving everyone in the country a free bus pass, except no busses are coming along
Is there a more disgusting person in the country than John Lewis?
LOL! SO the best thing we have to say about John Lewis is that he is not as disgusting as Charles Manson......I'll give you that one
Why do USA Sux?
united shi.ts of america
Did not have parole when I traveled to Mexico under DACA?
DACA gave you temporary protection from deportation. It did not protect you from leaving the United States voluntarily. As I have explained countless times here, even with AP you can be denied entry, and in most...