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GNC Bulk 1340?? Weight gain powder question?
Just take a serving a day. More like 2 if you work out (weights). Your answer is in the question. Running XC or any endurance sport shreds muscle and fat to make you as light as possible. Its just your body's natural way of...
what do Christians think of this atheist-guy try to keep ken ham out of his country Canadian?
If I could kick Ken Ham out of the US I would.
How come peope say that fruit wine isnt wine on here ?
Because the standard definition of wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes. There are also fruit wines, and rice wine (sake), Cider Versus Apple Wine Is it hard cider, or apple wine? There...
As a 20 year old is it normal that I think the UCLA players and Otto deserved to get arrested in China and North Korea?
It is true but consider this. Since Trump was in China, if he did not try to negotiate their release from a possible ten year prison sentence, he would have been called a bigot, a racist, a White Supremacist and a murderer.
What will happen if I enter an unblocked porn site in Kuwait? Site is still accessible.?
depends who from govt. is monitoring the site. Many countries keep such honey trap websites open and monitor them. Its a good...
How can I fish if I live in a landlocked country?
A landlocked country is simply locked from access to the ocean. You can still fish in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.
My guy is active on dating app. What would you do?
Just go with the flow, he is new to the country, he will want to experience and meet a lot of people and new surroundings and...
Why do Americans get pisse.d off when someone messes up the national anthem Starship spaghetti banner?
Because Americans are silly and over emotional about their country
Why was president Trump's executive order to cut funds of CA sanctuary cities permanently blocked by Judge William Orrick?
...,,period. There are humanitarian rights, and what this country is about is democracy and freedom. Immigrants and illegals...
Why do a lot of people from different countries hate Americans?
Some do many don't.