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Why do NRA fans think death threats is a good way to make their argument?
...need guns to maintain capitalism? Canada and the Scandinavian countries are mainly socialist states. Their governments ...
Should students be segregated into conservative and liberal schools, with the conservative schools having armed guards and teachers?
...only they, and their liberal policies are the salvation of this country. All the while, ignoring the fact that many of their ...
Right or wrong, America is super power country in this world?
Also governmental structure, which includes the Constitution of the USA., and work ethic.
If you're rich, you can get away with just about anything right, is this fair?
money corrupts people its the same in every country
What should I tell my mom I want my baby teeth mailed to me for?
:OOOOOOOOO Both of you are creepy and weird. Good luck explaining THAT To your Mother.
Well this era someday be known as the liberal Renaissance?
... when we once again return to the value system that founded this great country: 1) A seriously criminal and unfit conservative right wing president. 2) A public...
Why did Himmler try to 'work out a deal" with "The International Jewish Congress"? what was the deal?
...door to the idea that perhaps Hitler WAS defending his country against the Jewish prostitutes, the Allies. Any...
Why is the Government of Syria destroying it's own country?
Because the land that they are bombarding is in control by rebels, Kurds, jihadists or Turks. Why did the Romans tore down Alba and Capua? Because even though these...
Why doesn’t the U.S. destroy isis?
There's to many liberals saying no. I would drop a bomb on the whole region
don't know what it is but my lips down there get stuck together? Update: I can't imagine what it must be like to live in a country where you need to pay for medical care at point of use - sounds barbaric. ...