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Do other countries have political groups that actually hate their country and its people, like liberals hate America?
The Left Wingers in Britain loathe Britain, its achievements and its history, they don't mind the wealth their families accrued in Britain but they wish Britain was more like...
Do you suppose Obama hates America more or less now that he's out of office?
More now that his agenda is being dismantled.
Why is Russia so underpopulated for such a large country ?
The communists killed a fairly large amount of the population...there used to be millions more Russians,but they didn't like communism so they were worked/tortured to death or plain executed.
Are civilians allowed to use Military grade weapons in a case If their country goes to war ..?
The rules change as to how the enemy treats you if you have military weapons - You are no longer a civilian, and you become a enemy combatant. This means that they can target you and intentionally kill you under international laws ("...
What are black people in America so sorry and lazy? So sick of these sub-human, animal scum living off the government and committing crimes?
Average IQ of 85 plus they make up most of the violent crime in this country. And the black people who do work hard, learn proper English, and try to...
Is this a good option in a military career? (Advice)?
..., being an ex military man myself who served my country for 20 years in the Royal Air Force. Anyone...
Why does the Left have so little respect for the country they'll CONTINUALLY attempt to undermine the Constitution?!?
the Left has no respect for the CONSTITUTION! They (especially Obama) hate it. It stands in the way of their having ultimate power.
Were the Moors evil?
Did you answer your own question? I'd agree though, its unfortunate the Spanish had a lot of infighting and division at the time, moors wouldn't of stood a chance if the Spaniards didn't make it easy for them.
Do you think Eisenhower was a classic conservative? ""Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies...?
Can you imagine a conservative of today saying something like that? Doesn't that show just how far to the right the country has moved since his time?
Who's going to pay for the wall?
... it. 2. "what mexican immigrants have done to the country" what have they done? Working from sun to sun each day so you ...