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Why does the US only rank #45 in the list of countries with freedom of press?
Thanks to conservative policies the US has gone downhill since the Reagan Administration. Massive deficit spending, debt financing, deregulation, predatory capitalism, and Citizens United have all...
What is this?? 32°45' 43"N 112°43' 37"W?
...ordnance. Furthermore, JTACs from various military services and countries frequently train on the same ranges and direct the air attacks. An...
Why do conservatives complain about their taxes paying for abortion or welfare, but they don't care about paying for wars and Mexican walls?
...we saw them ridicule and bash a high school child for asking the country to protect other children from violence. They're a sick, sick group...
Why do Mexican claim that the SW USA belongs to them even though the Mexican Govt sold the land and signed the Treaty of Guadalupe?
...the world out there when it comes to boundaries or lines for countries. Land is taken and lost in war (or battles). ...
What is the 'blockbuster trivia' answer and other radio trivia answers for Wednesday April 25, 2018?
... Bookworm is Northern California Country Music is Carrie Underwood Get Your...
Do you like to take drives in the country?
I enjoy doing that.
Why is Germany allowing Merkel to hand away their country?
Because the local PC Thought Police have convinced them to keep their mouths shut.
HELP PLEASE!! Could he like me back?? Please help!! I want some advice and help please?? (Crush issues!!)?
...the Pepsi Bottling Group Canada. Other countries where Crush is sold are Argentina, ...
Why isn't social media as 'big' or popular in some Asian countries?
LINE is more popular in Japan because it's Japanese. They also had something called amoeba, but I don't know if that's still a thing anymore. Twitter and Instagram are used by the more popular...
Dialysis patient travelling to USA for summer?
Check out DCI (Dialysis Clinic) they have locations all over the state. They should be able to give you cost & let you know if Insurance covers etc. Or you can call the number on his insurance card & ask them who...