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No amnesty, no illegals and NO "DREAMERS." Don't you agree, ladies and gentlemen?
...and they are productive people and students. they don't know any other country other than the USA. Remember, "Do unto others as...
Why does my best friend treat me differently from his other friends? I'm 19 btw and a guy..?
It's obvious this guy isn't interested in being genuine friends, but still bothers to reply for the sake of who knows what. Simply, do the same thing - keep texts short, hang with other friends, and all that ish. I wouldn't lie(if he...
How do I become a UK citizen to live with my pregnant partner?
Your partner needs to sponsor you for a fiance visa so you can enter the UK for the purpose of getting married. Once the two of you are married you can stay (after completing some bureaucratic requirements).
Where is the best multicultural country in the world?
Would be difficult to choose between Canada and Australia as they have both been extremely successful at bringing people from different backgrounds and growing stable prosperous societies.
Will my baby be affected by the daca program? is a citizen. DADA participants were born in other countries and brought to the US as children. Neither parent...
In what country would you like to be?
Do you agree with Michael Bennett and Colin Kaepernick's protest of the corrupt white male pig cops and our racist country?
They are free to express their views same as everyone else. I don't understand why conservatives throw a fit over them kneeling during the anthem though. They are still there and participating. It's not like...
Should Al Sharpton run for President in 2020?
... Sharpton is one of the top 3 race raibers in this country(Next to Jesse Jackson and 0bama). If this civil ...
Are Conservatives freaking out now that Donald J. Trump is working with Democrats?
I'm not. He said he'd unite the country, which is something I'm looking forward to.
Which country has killed more people with atomic bombs? North Korea? Or the United States of America???
The US. North Korea, at this point, is mainly a threat to its own people