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I need a first name for the girl name Corinne?
Corinne is one of my favorite middles! Audrey Corinne.../Jillian Corinne (too sing-songy?) Helen Corinne Catherine Corinne (not too fond of alliterations, but...
What are some good middle names for the first name Corinne?
Corinne lin/Corinne lyn Corinne Adela Corinne ... Corinne Gianna Corinne Isabelle Corinne Juliana Corinne Liliana Corinne Maria...
What middle name would you pair with Corinne?
Corinne is very nice and this is definitely the way to spell is. Corinne... Corinne Matilda Corinne Allegra Corinne Felicity Corinne Genevieve Corinne ...
What do you think of the name Corinne?
I adore the name Corinne. It's so overlooked which is..., my favorites would be Corinne Eve/Eva (either would work well), Corinne...
Middle names for Corinne and Savannah?
Corinne Alessia Corinne Matilda Corinne Penelope...
Nice middle names for Corinne?
I think that Corinne is pretty and unique, without going onto the weird side. I love that...
Girl Names: Charlotte or Corinne?
I love Corinne! It's not very common and it's very different. Charlotte ...
Corrine vs Corinne...?
...! I would pronounce Corrine- "Co-reen" and Corinne- "Co-rin". You could actually go both ways. They...
Do you like the name Corinne?
Corinne is such a gorgeous name~~ I have a cousin called Corinne and she loves it :)
Does anybody else like Corinne and Randy from Survivor Gabon?
I think Corinne was out of line during her Final Tribal Council...