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Harappan Civilization?
Hello ! The civilization of the Indus valley civilization is considered lost because it..., Mohenjo-Daro and elsewhere, the remains of a brilliant civilization. The first settlers of India were not, as...
questions about civilization?
Civilization is usually the term applied to an organized group of people who form a large scale who... of villages or cities banning together under a common goal of survival. Civilizations formed as a result of agriculture. Once we as a people stopped wandering around...
What is Civilisation?
civilisation is the outcome of evolution, making mankind a civilized space some other species was lucky enough to develop its own civilisation. Unfortunatly the chances are very small, cause it ...
Roman Civiliziation and Greek/Hellenistic civilization?
..., Greek/Hellenistic Civilization and their place as the roots of... the greater Western civilization an obedience to the written law and as...
indus valley civilization questions!!?
The Indus Valley Civilization, or the Harappan Culture, ... the remains of an ancient civilization, which had its epicenter in the ...
Mesopotamian Civilization?
Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization and was a river valley which would be a stepping stone for the hellenistic...
how old is civilization?
Well, civilization is basically as old as time. When the Neanderthals ... very basic. Now, if you're looking at more 'fancy' civilization, you should be looking at, like one answer said, to the Sumerians...
where did civilization begin?
Define 'civilization'. Define 'begin'. If we accept that 'civilization' ... believe that the earliest recognisable signs of human civilisation are found in the Middle East and Egypt, most...
Sumerian civilization?
... made the first ancient civilization. They lived in Mesopotamia in... in 1750 BCE, led Babylonian civilization to its zenith in culture and politics.
Ancient Civilizations?
all civilizations or cultures around the world, no matter how closely...also created by the leaders of these civilizations. religion, in any view is destructive. but yet we continue...