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where to watch anime Hitsugi no Chaika episode 06? I'll give you a direct like to Hitsugi no Chaika episode 06. I love that anime also!
Why was Tchaikovsky┬┤s family name changed from Chaika to Tchaikovsky?
Was it? I had no idea... The -sky suffix is typically geographical...Noble people had names that ended in -sky: domain name + sky, and priests received their last names after the districts...
Hello i was just wondering when will they english dub ( hitsugi no chaika ) ? please and ty ^^.?
If and when an anime will get an English dub is a very difficult thing to predict. With some popular series, there is guaranteed money to be made overseas so an English dub is inevitable (eg. Sword art online, attack on titan). But...
Hi, i find image of anime girl, but i dont know her name?
Chaika, from Hitsugi no Chaika.
Are any of these animes going to have season 2? (spring 2014)?
...the most popular anime of this season, so it has a chance. Hitsugi no chaika-I lied, this one got one announced. Akuma no...
Hi, i find image of anime girl, but i dont know her name, anyone know? Thanks ps: sorry for my bad english?
She's Chaika Trabant from Chaika: The Coffin Princess
I'm looking for a manga about a warrior(a guy) who lost his reason to fight because the battle was over?
Hitsugime no Chaika
What animes that came out this season should I watch?
... Hagane ( Mind Bleep series ) Hitsugi no Chaika ( Great action, story and characters- waiting for season 2...
New anime series for Fall 2014?
... know of though that want to see such as the second seasons of Chaika and Selector Infected WIXOSS. I've been...
Do you know any good anime?
Hitsugi no Chaika A...