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Who is Carlisle in the Twilight series?
Full Name: Carlisle Cullen Status: Vampire...history: The son of an Anglican pastor, Carlisle was raised during a time of religious persecution...
...have my book cracked open here, so... Carlisle was born sometime in the 1640s or so. His...a run for it down the city's alleyways. Carlisle was ahead of his mob and was almost...
Carlisle pronunciation?
Carlisle is the name of two cities. The first city is in... are several other cities worldwide with the same name. Since Carlisle (from Twilight) is an Englishman by birth, my guess...
How did Carlisle Cullen become a vampire?(Twilight Saga)?
Basically, Carlisle grew up in London in the 1640s. ...of running, he turns and attacks Carlisle and his vigilantees. The lead...
Who changed Carlisle Cullen into a vampire?
Carlisle's father was a pastor i believe in london england who hunted vampires...any real ones. after he became too old to hunt them anymore carlisle took over. after a while, he discovered a real coven of them...
Who is Esme and Carlisle in twilight?
Esme and Carlisle are the 'parents' of the ... died, she looked into Carlisle's eyes begging him to do everything...
Can anybody tell me about Carlisle and Alice Cullen's vampire history? (twilight)?
Carlisle Cullen was born in the 1600's in England. His...the old mans health began to decline in later years, Carlisle took over his work. Now the old man never actually killed...
Who was Trinidad and Tobago artist Carlisle Chang?
Carlisle Chang was born on the 21st of April 1921 near the Croisee, the ... Prime Minister Indira Ghandi of India (Late) Carlisle Chang Collection
Good names for siblings of Poppy, Carlisle, Fey, and Lorcan?
Poppy, Carlisle, Fey, Lorcán and Fabian. Poppy, Carlisle..., Fey, Lorcán and Rory. Poppy, Carlisle, Fey, Lorcán and Reuben. Poppy, Carlisle...
How did Carlisle Cullen become a vampire?
carlisle was the son of an Anglican pastor in the 1640s. his father hunted down creatures while rosalie is from the 1910s and was the daughter of a middleclass banker. they live together with carlisle esme edward and alice and form a close bonded "family" type relationship though none of them are...