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which economy has been enhanced by canada?
Natural resources. Canada's a literal treasure-trove of natural resources...the world's 3rd largest producer.) Canada has the world's most oil, more than all...
does canada have a militry?
Yes, Canada does have a military. It's currently ... (which would become the Dominion of Canada). They also carried out a successful raid with...
...above answers. (1) The 'lady' is the Queen of Canada. Yes, she is the Queen of England and the ...
where can i find some did you know facts about canada?
1) Canada is the world's ... Ottawa. 3) Canada has 10 provinces... associated with Canada for some time: in 1868, it ...
Canada is a very large country. We border the United States of...the Atlantic Ocean. We have 5 Great Lakes. Canada is very multi cultural so there are many great foods. Capital...
What are some songs that Represent Canada?
Canada in My Pocket– Michael Mitchell Cariboo...'s Last Letter– Shawna Audet In Canada– Mr. I Lower Canada Rebellion Rap...
what do you know about canada?
In a deeply troubled world, Canada's the best place on earth. Canada... world's best country for business Canada's also rated as being: -...
Canada Facts?
Canada has: -the longest street in the WORLD! (Yonge Street) -the second..., 614 metres deep -the longest national highway in the WORLD! (Trans-Canada Highway) WOOT WOOT GO CANADA!!!
Skaters from Canada?
... loads of good skaters from Canada; Older guys; Colin McKay...occasionally overlooked by the rest of the world. Canada is notable for the sheer abundance of skateparks...